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18th November, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO3.0 We visited Salzburg for the next Teambuilding event.

JKU visits KIT

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27-28th October, 2016: JKU visits KIT Prof. Paulik and Andreas Kreuzer attended the DIMAP M12 Meeting in Karlsruhe ...  mehr zu JKU visits KIT (Titel)


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Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

Beschreibung: WELCOME to the Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

Current research in the CTO group at the Johannes Kepler University Linz focuses on a wide range of organic synthesis of industrial relevance. Especially complex macromolecular architectures with selected functionality and composition via radical and coordination polymerization protocols are of interest. Other points of interest are additive chemistry, renewable resources and process safety. Our research interests are mainly at the interface of organic and polymer chemistry, with particular focus on industrial applications.

This website can help you to get to know somewhat more about us: who we are, what we do and how we do it, what our equipment and infrastructures are, with who we collaborate, how you can link with us.

Thank you for your time and interest. Enjoy your virtual visit!

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Chemistry @ JKU

Recent Activities:

You can find out more here.

27-28th October, 2016: DIMAP M12 Meeting in Karlsruhe
    Professor Paulik and Andreas Kreuzer attend the M12 Meeting in Karlsruhe, which was hosted by the Karlsruher Intitut für Technologie (KIT). The discussions evolved around the progress made in the work packages and the future outline of the project. The KIT also organized a very interesting lab tour as well as a quite unique dinner event in a restaurant: Die Alte Brauerei.
    Thank you for that! We look forward to the project meeting in month 18, which will take place in Brussels.


12-13th October, 2016: Visit in Halle
    Professor Paulik visited the Fraunhofer Pilot-Plant-Center for Polymer Synthesis and Processing - short PAZ - under the lead of Prof. Bartke in Schkopau, Germany. He and two of his PhD-students got a guided tour through the adaptable, upscaling facility and the adjacent polymer processing unit. On the following day the two research groups introduced themselves to the different research topics and fields of activity. Afterwards Prof. Bartke and his team gave a tour through their laboratories at the Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg. Summarizing it was a very nice opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of labscale polymerisation reaction engineering. We are looking forward to the visit of our colleagues from Halle - see you in Linz.


26th September, 2016: Posing for pictures
   Today Mr. Harald Kicker (IPMT) and his colleague took videos and pictures in our labs for a professional presentation of our institute at the K-fair in Düsseldorf. The final results will be posted when available or probably even earlier at our appearance at the fair. See you there.


14th of September, 2016: Conferences, conferences, ... :
     We've attended lots of conferences in the last weeks, if you want to know more about where we have been and our experiences, take a look here.

24th of August, 2016: GÖCH lectures.
    With the beginning of a new semester the GÖCH lectures are back after the summerbreak. You will find the title of the upcoming talk, the location and time in the News-Teaser on the right side, as soon as they are available.
   In the section "Lectures & GÖCH-Talks" you can review the latest invitations including the abstract. See you there.

3rd of August, 2016: New secretary: Michaela Sponsky
   Let us welcome our new secretary Michaela Sponsky. She started on 1st of august and will accompany us through out the next years. Her working hours and contact details will be entered soon, until everything is set up correctly you can reach her via Email and the offices direct dial (0732 2468) 9000.

7th of July, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO
   Today we had the instituts excursion to Mitterstoder in the Salzkammergut where we tried ourselves in paragliding and evading the imminent sunburn. The weather was fine but the winds were not well-diposed and a bit too turbulent for us to grow wings. After a nice lunch together we decided to skip the next flying attempts and traveled to the Gleinkersee. There we enjoyed the cool water before we let the day fade out, back in Linz, at an outdoor restaurant.
  Thanks a lot to Andreas, who organized the nice trip, Karl our driver and Professor Paulik for sponsoring this event every year.


24th of June, 2016: Poster Award
   We are happy to announce that Andreas Kreuzer received a poster award at the Spotlight POLYMAT Conference in San Sebastian for his contribution titled: "Thermally expandable acrylic based core-shell microspheres".
   Further information about the conference and his stay in San Sebastian can be found in: CTO Diary. The Poster can be downloaded here.


25th of May 2016: Excursion to Hueck Folien, Baumgartenberg, Austria
   With a group of 35 students we visited the production site and the innovation center of Hueck Folien in Baumgartenberg. Hueck Folien is a worldwide innovation leader in the areas of special films for labelling, security features and design. The colleagues of Hueck gave us an interesting insight into their production and also the way they drive innovation.


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