Finally Finished

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18th September 2017: Congratulations DI Christoph On this day in the middle of September, our colleague ...  mehr zu Finally Finished (Titel)

Singing at the CTO

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16th October 2017:Teambuilding - Singtar evening Verena was so kind and organized a further teamevent ...  mehr zu Singing at the CTO (Titel)

WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain

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1th-5th October 2017: 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Barcelona, Spain Patricia and Andreas were lucky to attend ...  mehr zu WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain (Titel)

Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria

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25th-28th September 2017: 17th Austrian Chemistry Days, Salzburg, Austria Our institute was well represented at this year’s ...  mehr zu Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria (Titel)


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Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

Beschreibung: WELCOME to the Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

Current research in the CTO group at the Johannes Kepler University Linz focuses on a wide range of organic synthesis of industrial relevance. Especially complex macromolecular architectures with selected functionality and composition via radical and coordination polymerization protocols are of interest. Other points of interest are additive chemistry, renewable resources and process safety. Our research interests are mainly at the interface of organic and polymer chemistry, with particular focus on industrial applications.

This website can help you to get to know somewhat more about us: who we are, what we do and how we do it, what our equipment and infrastructures are, with who we collaborate, how you can link with us.

Thank you for your time and interest. Enjoy your virtual visit!

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Chemistry @ JKU

Recent Activities:

You can find out more here.

11th of July, 2017: We proudly present our brewery: Platz für Bier
    Finally, the day has come when the long-striving project - the opening of our own institute brewery - has been transformed into reality. It is called “Platz für Bier- Juice of Knowledge and Understanding“.
    After many weeks of planning, preparations and construction work, the opening by Prof. Paulik was celebrated on 11th July 2017. At the opening ceremony, we enjoyed a typical Austrian snack: lard bread with, what else could it be: beer! On this day the production of our first brew started immediately. It is an amber ale simply called: “1. Sud”. In 6 weeks at the latest, we can sample our hand crafted creation. We are very excited about this and we look forward to further advance our biotechnological knowledge of brewing beer.
    A special thanks to our technician, Karl Schütz, who always stands by us with his craftsmanship, and to Andi and Gottfried, who will help us design excellent beer with their already expert knowledge of brewing beer. Prost!


11th of May, 2017: They grow up so fast...
    It is just a few (cat) years back when Paul joined the CTO-team for his master-thesis. He then chose to continue doing 0.5 L experiments on the reactor system he started with, extended and was very commited to. In these years past he booked many private and public achievements. By sucessfully passing the defence he can now remove "aquire PhD" from his checklist: "to be done". Doing so we sincerly congratulate to this special success.
      The remaining day we celebrated together. We got served snacks, antipasti, cold cuts, tasty cakes, plenty beverages a.s.o.. Thank you for the hospitality, staying true to your values and being what some may call a friend, all those years.


2nd of May 2017: Glassblowing, Mausz Günther
    Two of our fellow PhD students had the possibility to enhance their knowledge in a special field of „chemistry“– the craftsmanship of glass blowing. Therefore, Regina and Sara visit the atelier of Günther Mausz in Urfahr weekly. Mister Mausz teaches them several important techniques starting with the preparation of a handle (which is by far the most important task to master =) ), bending angles and further reaching out to blow symmetrical balls. The aim of this workshop is to produce and prepare laboratory glassware independently.
Apart from some minor brandings and lacerations, the work with Günther is a lot of fun and the created glass equipment is actually not so bad (depends on practice).


30th of January 2017: Excursion to the OMV refinery, Vienna-Schwechat, Austria
    Professor Paulik, with a group of 30 students, visited the production site and the laboratories of OMV in Schwechat. The tour was guided by DI Dr. Paul Schöffl, a former PhD Student here at the CTO institute. Our collegue arranged a nice tour and gave interesting insight on what they are doing: OMV produces far more than just various types of fuel and oil, (not only) for industrial partners, it covers all kinds of speciality products as well.


18th January 2017: Brewing and Pressing Oil
    Two of our fellow PhD students were invited to talk about their hobbies: brewing beer and extracting valuable oils from different kinds of seeds. Andreas Kreuzer is not only a passionate beer drinker, but together with a friend, Gottfried Aufischer, they have also crafted 50 different kinds and beer variations until today. In his talk he shared his expertise about their home-brewery, the troubles starting and the chemistry of brewing.
  Markus Nadlinger, himself both a chemist and "hobby-farmer", talked about how to obtain oil from oilseeds, the cultivation of oil-plants, as well as other specialities, as liquors and aromatized oils.
    The audience of the well attended lecture, organized in the context of the young chemists lectures from GÖCH, had then the chance to try the different products of Andreas and Markus. Thank you for sharing.


20th December 2016, Christmas Staff Party
    On 15th of October we were invited to the "Stadtliebe" in Linz for our office christmas party. Prior to that we met on the christmas market for mulled whine and punch. From there we made our way to the restaurant and enjoyed menu variations for meat, fish or vegetarian gourmets, with lots of laughters and drinks. It was a comforting evening that many prolonged by a visit in the casino followed by a "bar rally" in Linz until dawn.
   Our thanks go to Professor Paulik for this nice evening, btw. without any affairs or blackouts, what a pity ;).


12th December 2016, K-Fair Düsseldorf
   Already in October this year, JKU was represented at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf, the World's No. I Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, with an exhibition booth of its own, the so called JKU Plastics Surprise Egg, which is a digital interactive information tool.
   Plastic Europe had a “Special Show”, which was called “Plastic shape the future” and two JKU PhD Students had a Speed-Talk. One of these two was our college Sandra Neuhofer, her talk titled:" Anti-Aging for Polymers - A Contribution to Resource Efficiency".
   Congratulations to this contribution and thank you everyone for the participation in the K-fair team.


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