Danube-Vltava-Sava Polymer Meeting 2015

An important activity of the working group macromolecular chemistry in Austria is the organization of a polymer meeting. The so-called Austrian Polymer Days were organized for the first time in 1995 in Seggau. This polymer focused conference developed to a successful series growing in size but also in geographical importance. In 2008 the meeting was for the first time jointly organized by the polymer groups in Slovenia and Austria and then called “Austrian Slovenian Polymer Meeting”.

This year, building on this tradition polymer experts form the greater region of Central Europe were brought together under the new title “Danube-Vltava-Sava Polymer Meeting”. The conference took place form May 11 to May 13 at the Congress Center Toscana in Gmunden, Upper Austria. The target of the meeting was to facilitate the communication between industry and academia; it covered recent developments in the field as well as future targets and trends.

More than 150 participants shared their latest results in the field of polymer research in the frame of 4 different symposia, polymer chemistry, polymer characterization, polymer conversion and polymers & sustainability. With the plenary lectures of Dr. Maurits van Tol (Innovation & Technology Vice President, Borealis) and Prof. Matthias Labrenz (Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Rostock) the conference was opened. Dr. van Tol discussed the vast possibilities in polymer development and applications with polyolefins and Prof. Labrenz focused on the hot topic of micro plastics and plastic waste in the sea.

The beautiful scenery of lake Traunsee and the well-balanced design of the sessions triggered many discussions and fostered co-operations between the different polymer research groups in Central Europe.

We all are looking forward to the next DVSPM scheduled for 2017 in Vienna.  (Neues Fenster)