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Teambuilding @ CTO 3.4

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21st December, 2016: Beer and Sausages A follow up to the cinema night in summer '16. ...  mehr zu Teambuilding @ CTO 3.4 (Titel)

Young chemists lecture

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12th January, 2017: Brewing beer ... and pressing oil, were the topics Andreas Kreuzer and Markus Nadlinger talked about. ...  mehr zu Young chemists lecture (Titel)


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Jobs and Career Opportunities

At the moment we are looking for master students to support our cooperations with companies such as:
Borealis, Miba and Krajete

For details on topics for bachelor, master or PhD thesis, please contact:
     Prof. Christian Paulik,
     Prof. Clemens Schwarzinger or
     Dr. Manuela List directly.

Current topics: