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4th of May 2017: Sorting blocks and solving lines ...  mehr zu Championship (Titel)

PhD finished

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11th of May: Mission accomplished Paul successfully mastered his defence ...  mehr zu PhD finished (Titel)

Craftsmanship training

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2nd of May 2017: Glassblowing @ Mausz Günther
Two of our fellow PhD students ...  mehr zu Craftsmanship training (Titel)


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The life of an institute

This the more personal part of our institute. You can get to know us a bit better and get a feeling for what to expect when you are thinking about to join the CTO-Team:

11th of May, 2017: They grow up so fast...
    It is just a few (cat) years back when Paul joined the CTO-team for his master-thesis. He then chose to continue doing 0.5 L experiments on the reactor system he started with, extended and was very commited to. In these years past he booked many private and public achievements. By sucessfully passing the defence he can now remove "aquire PhD" from his checklist: "to be done". Doing so we sincerly congratulate to this special success.
      The remaining day we celebrated together. We got served snacks, antipasti, cold cuts, tasty cakes, plenty beverages a.s.o.. Thank you for the hospitality, staying true to your values and being what some may call a friend, all those years.


4th of May, 2017: New kids on the bloxxx...
    We proudly introduce "Teambuilding 4.0, like in industry, new numbers are introduced once in a while, so do we for the digital era of teambuilding activities ;).
   On thursday we hosted the first internal CTO-Tetrismatch. In order to keep as many participants engaged we chose the match mode: double elimination. So we had two brackets and players still had the chance to win the match after one loss. All participants were assigned their opponents randomly. With rounds advancing the gamespeed was increased, so the finals were played at the highest speed available in multiplayermode. Due to decreased participants number golden tickets (free advance to round 2), were casted to two participants.
    The match held some surprises, we saw hot favorites dropping out unexpectedly early and underdogs fighting their way into the ranks. One could not hope for a better match, next time maybe with even more players. For those interested in the match plan, here you go: Match overview and statistics
   For the preceding culinary part, Stephan and Gunnar prepared Chili con Carne and a Mango-Creampie. After the "exhausting" matches we indulged ourselves in the more analogous entertainment of playing a board/cardgame: Codenames.
   Many thanks to all participants for making this event a successful one.


25th of April, 2017: Einstandsfeier...
     Stefan and Thomas started their master thesis already a month ago here at the CTO institute. Keeping up good old habits they arranged an "Einstandsfeier", meaning officially introducing themselves ;). Stefan and Thomas put much effort into this event, they served plenty of food and beverages and we literally ate on two days. The food they chose was splendid, selfmade potatoe spread, pork knuckles and lots of side dishes. Thank you on behalf of the CTO team for the hospitality and keeping up this tradition.


21th of April, 2017: CTO proudly presents Dr. Alexandra Eder
     Our colleague Alex finished her PhD and invited us to celebrate her marvellous achievement. She is not only an expert in the field of chemistry, especially in terms of coating properties of white goods, but also an extraordinary cook. She served us plenty of homemade Chilli con Carne, beverages and treats. Thank you for the nice meal and the good time we spent together.
Once more, Congratulations and we wish you all the best for your future!
Yours, the CTO-hedgehogs ;)


17th of March, 2017: DI Regina(ld)
     Already on the 10th Regina finished her studies in technical chemistry. She invited us and lots of friends to celebrate here last exam here in the "CTO halls". In course of that she spoiled us with a vast amount of spareribs, dessert and beverages. We had a comfortable time eating, chatting, summed up - celebrating together.
    Thank you again for your hospitality and congratulations on your achieved degree.


28th of February, 2017: Finishline
     Goal achieved, degree acquired. After being almost a year with us, Sara passed her final exam and spoiled us, fitting to the climax of fools time, with an opulent buffet. Many colleagues dressed appropriately and we celebrated the passed exam as well as carnevals last dance.
   We're happy to keep you in our ranks and we'll continue the good work, soon. Thank you.


24th of January, 2017: Einstein-feier
   Again, three made their "official" debut. Klara, Gerald and Gerold, started their master thesis at the CTO-institute and therefor arranged a small get-together. Endowed with cooking skills, they prepared selfmade spreads (potatoe, curd cheese variations), and meat & cheese plates with side dishes. As dessert they served home made dougnuts - the austrian version - by the way very good ones. Beverages and food was so plentiful, that we were far from finishing it all. Thank you, for the hospitality and keeping up this tradition.


20th of January, 2017: Congratulations to DIin Patricia Pappenreiter
Taking care of "Methanothermococcus Okinawensis" for months in the basement amongst the teammembers of the highpressure lab, Patricia today earned the Masters degree in technical chemistry.
   On the occasion of her passed final exam, together with her family and friends, we celebrated the remaining day, well supplied with roasted pork, beverages and cake. The CTO-group sincerly congratulates you on your achievement and thanks you for the hospitality. Since you stay with CTO doing your PhD-thesis we'll meet again ;).


21st December, 2016: Beer and Sausages
   The idea was born when we watched a cineastic highlight of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Watch out,' we're mad (Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel). In the movie they had a contest for a dune buggy by alternately eating sausages and drinking beer and we recreated this contest with slightly adopted rules. Many thanks to our teambuilding-appointee Andi for the organization and the creative basic rule set. Duly mentioned should be the trophy and its creator Patricia, she did the artwork and the artistic finalization.
   The price for the most consumptions including the boni for the regulars and powerplays went to Paul (66 points), followed by a very respectable 2nd place for Partricia, who scored (51 points) and fought bravely in the end. Third place and the third representative from the highpressure-lab with 42 points scored Gunnar.
   A repetition of this contest is planned in 6 months time, if someone wants to win the trophy and dares to challenge Paul.


22th November, 2016: Happy Birthday
     On occasion of the birthday of Prof. Schwarzinger, he and his wife invited the whole institute for a meal. It was kind of a farewell for Mrs. Schwarzinger, who reduced her working hours, as well. Thank you very much for the ample provisioning of drinks, snacks, cakes and bismarcks.

18th November, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO 3.0
      On Friday afternoon, after work some of our collegues traveled to Salzburg. They decided to go for a walk through the wonderful historic center with its crowded narrow alleys, filled with smells of cinnamon, gingerbread, chestnuts and tourists. Intentionally they were looking for the original "Mozartkugel" made by the confiserie Fürst, but for unsearchable reasons they ended up at the Augustiner Braustübl Mülln. And this was when teambuilding started and they let the evening fade out. Cheers.


15th November, 2016: Perforatorgate...
    ...or how "mysteriously punched holes" benefit everyone. So, out of no reason Andi sponsored a nice late afternoon snack with different cheese and meat variations as well as pizza apetizers and home brewed beer after a long days work. We had the chance to taste his "austrian championship" awarded beers amongst the latest belgium, cream and imperial pale ales. As always a pleasure with tastefully furnished advances and surprises. Thank you for the nice evening and may all voids vanish.


8th of November, 2016: To a long and happy marriage
     Already on the 25th of October, Mifail and Abulena, who is currently doing her PhD, got married. Our lab technician Irene was so kind and organized a small get-together in our office rooms so we could collectivly express our best wishes, hand over a small present and jolt our glasses to bride and groom (in absence) ;).
    May you two live happily ever after and enjoy the big wedding festivities to come.


20th of October, 2016: Congratulations to Karin Bauer
    Yesterday on the 19th October Karin Bauer achieved her masters degree in technical chemistry. We shared our congratulations and clinked glasses with sparkling wine after the passed exam. For the subsequent get-together Karin and her family provided home-made snacks for the members of our group. Many thanks again in the name of CTO and all the best for the future to come.


18th of October, 2016: DI, PhD, Mom, MBA,...
    What else to come? Already a while ago Manuela finished her Master in Business Administration. After harvesting her vegetable patches, green houses (and probably some magic), she surprised us with what else she accomplishes in her scarce spare time. We had the joy to try very well flavored homemade delicacies combined with excellent meat and cheese variations. Thank you very much for sharing.


4th of October, 2016: Silence on the sixth floor:
    Nothing bad happened, people kept silent during lunch and enjoyed the freshly smoked bacon Karl und Irene Schütz invited us on for lunch. Next to home made curd- and mashed-potatoe cheese and cabbage salad a selection of "Hofstettner" beer-varieties, covering the "Granitbock", "Bucket" and "Pumpkin" beer as well as Pils and the Granitbeer were served for tasting and drinking.
    Thank you very much to both of them on behalf of the CTO-team for this very nice surprise.


19th of September, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO 2.0: Exit The Room
    Members of CTO rose to the challenge of "exit the room" quests. Two teams tried themselves to master the "bomb" and the "prison".
    One Team succeeded, the other one ran out of time. Anyhow, i was told it was a fun event, worth repeating. Once again it was organized by Andi, who already has plans for the next events. Thank you very much.


25th of August, 2016: Congratulations
   Wolfgang Limberger today finished his Master studies here at the institute for chemical technology of organic materials. He worked on the topic of adsorption and controlled desorption of CO2 on different substrates. We thank you for providing a buffet and beverages on this occasion.
   The whole team of the CTO sincerely congratulates on the achieved degree and wishes you the very best in your job.


9th of August, 2016: Outdoor-cinema
   Lalala lah lala, lalala lah lala, lalala lah lala, lalalalalah lala lalaa, bbll bb bbll bb blb,..
   Yesterday members of the CTO met for a movie night at an private "outdoor cinema" somewhere in the south of Linz to watch a classic Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movie: Watch out,' we're mad (Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel).
   Thank you very much to our hosts and Andi for preparing the "favorite dish" of the two hellhounds: beans 'n bacon.


13th of July, 2016: Maternity leave
    Our secretary Andrea will leave us for a baby pause with next week. Since it's vacation time and many teammembers were still here today, she organized a get-together with Brez'n and cake for everyone. And we had the chance to thank her with a small gift for her to be born baby boy. We honestly hope Andrea joins us again in about two years.
    Thank you for your open ear, hard work and constant support.


28th of April: Time to say good bye
  We sincerely bid farewell to Thomas Höchfurtner, who starts in chemical industry within the next month. Thank you for your time, your input and effort in the high pressure laboratory. We wish you the very best after this nice farewell celebration and good luck with the next challenges arising.
The CTO-team, especially the trained "guinea pigs" T P G.