Singing at the CTO

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16th October 2017: Teambuilding - Singtar evening Verena was so kind and organized a further teamevent ...  mehr zu Singing at the CTO (Titel)

Next step in life

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24th October 2017: Time to say goodbye Our colleague Paul successfully celebrated ...  mehr zu Next step in life (Titel)

WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain

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1st-5th October 2017: 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Barcelona, Spain Patricia and Andreas were lucky to attend ...  mehr zu WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain (Titel)

Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria

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25th-28th September 2017: 17th Austrian Chemistry Days, Salzburg, Austria Our institute was well represented at this year’s ...  mehr zu Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria (Titel)

PDDG 2017, Toarmina, Italy

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3rd-7th Sepember 2017: 32nd Polymer Degradation Discussion Group conference, Toarmina, Italy Our college Sandra visited the ...  mehr zu PDDG 2017, Toarmina, Italy (Titel)


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Cooking with Pokemons - Summer 2016

Beschreibung: During Summer 2016, our favored canteen closed for summer break. This coincidiced with the start of the mobile game Pokemon Go, including the characters many of us remember when we were younger.Therefor we prepared food on the institute for us and our colleagues and invented new names for the dishes - see for yourself.

24th of August, 2016: The hunger games...
    are over, in other words we've been spared due to our combined efforts. The grand finale was played by Stephan, who prepared roasted pork, Christine helped out with the Turkey-Salad and Theresia prepared the final dish in this series, Lasagne.
    Finishing this trial-phase doesn't mean we won't cook again. It has been a pleasure and an especially tasty one, if not within the next month perhaps sometime later but definitely next year, around the same time.


10th of August, 2016: Cooking with Pokemons - part 4
    Yesterday we had another culinary highlight after the already very good meat cheese and the greek salad. Andi and his minion Heinrich prepared: Bread dumplings with boletus and chanterelle - delicious.
  Today Andra and Sandra indulged us with very good swabian cheese noodles. It will be really hard to adjust back to (even very good) canteen meals.
   Self prepared meals are: overall cheaper, of higher quality - at least one knows what's inside. To whom it matters: One can have a refill and the portions are bigger, we've had no repetitions on our plan yet and there are lots of ideas for future meals.
   Thank you to all for the effort and inputs to our menu. If this is being continued (hopefully) we will switch to traditional names - every trend abates.

Comment:No, this is no cooking journal but food matters =).


5th of August: Menu plan for the next two weeks:
   For those who want to join in again state your check your selection following this doodle link and enjoy the selection for the next two weeks:
Monday: Schlurp-cheese with mashed Traumato"e"s (Meat cheese with mashed potatoes)
Tuesday: Myrapla with Feta (Greek salad)
Wednesday: Voltobal with Para-gravy (Dumplings with mushroomgravy )
Thursday: "Cheese-Hornliu" (Traditional swabian "noodles" with cheese)

   The week after next week:
Monday: holiday
Tuesday: Roasted Claifairy (Roasted pork)
Wednesday: Pidgy-salad (Turkey filet salad)
Thursday: "Backed, stapled Mew " (Vegetable-Lasagne)

4th of August, 2016: Cooking with Pokemons - part 3
   We had the rare occasion to catch the creation of the "Oweispeis" - first of its kind. The menu plan for the next week has been specified and will be online tomorrow.
   Many thanks for the preparation of this weeks meals to all participants.


3rd of August, 2016: Cooking with Pokemons - part 2
   Time has come for Pizza à la Rossana; see what was left after 14 people enjoyed pieces of her. Andrea got lucky catching some "Tropius", which she served as Bananacake *yummy*.
   We're still reflecting on next weeks plan, which is being posted soon.
Spoiler: "Piepi..." will not be amongst the dishes.


29th of July, 2016: Cooking with Pokemons
   The "Pokemon Go" Virus spreads on campus and brings back to mind countless hours in front of the Gameboy and other Nintendo consoles playing this game and other classics. In honor of these memories and on occasion of the plant holidays of our favored canteen, we cooked for ourselves and "evolved" the following dishes:

Glumanda-stew (Chili con Carne)
Knofensa-salad (Tomato-Mozarella plate)
Safcon with mustard (Different types of sausages)
Knuddeluff (Potato goulash)

   For those who want to join in (CTO Members and affiliates) state your choice in the doodle link and enjoy the selection for next week:
Monday: Tangela with sauce (Spaghetti)
Tuesday: Karpador-Maki (We're ordering from: Tokyo Running Sushi)
Wednesday : Pizza à la Rossana (Pizza)
Thursday: "Oweispeis" (Scrambled eggs)

  Thank you Andrea for the organization and everyone else for participating, cooking and enjoying =)