Singing at the CTO

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16th October 2017: Teambuilding - Singtar evening Verena was so kind and organized a further teamevent ...  mehr zu Singing at the CTO (Titel)

Next step in life

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24th October 2017: Time to say goodbye Our colleague Paul successfully celebrated ...  mehr zu Next step in life (Titel)

WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain

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1st-5th October 2017: 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Barcelona, Spain Patricia and Andreas were lucky to attend ...  mehr zu WCCE 2017, Barcelona, Spain (Titel)

Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria

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25th-28th September 2017: 17th Austrian Chemistry Days, Salzburg, Austria Our institute was well represented at this year’s ...  mehr zu Chemie Tage 2017, Salzburg, Austria (Titel)

PDDG 2017, Toarmina, Italy

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3rd-7th Sepember 2017: 32nd Polymer Degradation Discussion Group conference, Toarmina, Italy Our college Sandra visited the ...  mehr zu PDDG 2017, Toarmina, Italy (Titel)


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BioHyMe: Development of a highpressure process for combined Hydrogen- and Methaneproduction

    The project BioHyMe is located in the renewable energy research area. In order to ensure a secure supply of fuels and energy, procedures for regenerative electricity production are developed in Europe. Storage of already generated electricity is still a problem due to insufficient network capacity. In addition, society needs fuels for mobility. A way to solve this problem is the “Power to gas” technology where excess current is converted into hydrogen (H2). Biological methane production (BMP) allows H2 to be converted into methane by CO2. Though, only hydrogenotrophic methanogens are currently used in BMP processes. Many microorganisms have not yet been tested in bioprocesses at high pressure.
    The BioHyMe project differs both chemically and biological from common methanation processes in order of cultivation at high pressure. The characterisation of methanogens is performed as closed batch, fed batch and in continuous culture. Optimization of process parameters and prioritization of microorganisms should generate new developments in the field of high-pressure biology.

This project is funded by the FFG:


Krajete Uni Wien