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Innovative Metrology 2017

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22nd IMEKO TC2 Symposium on Photonics in Measurement 2017

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PR Applied Electrical Engineering Lab

Learning Outcome

The exercises are conducted at the institutes for Microelectronic and Microsensors (IME), Measurement Technology (EMT), Communications Engineering and RF-Systems (NTHFS), and the Research Institute for Integrated Circuits (RIIC). The focus lies on practice oriented topics of the respective institutes.

Course Content

1.) Rectifiers: Simulation and measurements of half-wave, full-wave, three-phase rectifiers, and voltage multipliers.
2.) Transmission lines: The phenomena of standing waves, reflection, and impulse propagation on coaxial cables are investigated.

1.) Automated measurements with GPIB and MATLAB: Oscilloscopes and function generators, communicating over GPIB, are programmed for automated Bode plot determination.
2.) RPM measurements and motor control using Realtime-Linux: Introduction into RTL base rapid control prototyping systems for motor control.

1.) Introduction to programming of microcontrollers based on the example of a TexasInstruments MSP430 controller driving a servomotor-actuator.
2.) Communication with UltraLowPower wireless sensor networks

1.) Modelling of operational amplifiers in PSpice: Introduction to PSpice and modelling of MOSFETs, simulation of OpAmps and band gap references.


Entrance examination, in-class participation, protocols


Lecture notes will be available online