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Objectives: The creation of the 'MEDINA PORTAL', in order to promote cultural tourism in different Mediterranean countries

The development of National Web Sites, to provide further information and a better understanding of local cultural and tourism resources, through the use of avant-gard information technology and communication

- The promotion of 'Thematic Pathways for Cultural Tourism', that will guide the user in a 'virtual tour' across different countries, linking cultural heritage in a intelligent and structured way, and that provides related cultural and tourist information
The grouping together of cultural and tourist resources, both thematically and geographically

- These are just some of the objectives of the MEDINA - MEDiterranean by INternet Access - Project, co-ordinated by IMED, The Mediterranean Institute, and co-financed by the European Commission within the Eumedis Initiative - Information Society (MEDA funds). The total cost of the MEDINA Project is 2.898.862 Euros, with the contribution of 2.231.544 Euros from the EC.

MEDINA is a Euro-Mediterranean Project that involves a vast and well organised partnership, composed of 14 countries: 5 Member States (Italy, France, Greece, Austria and Belgium) and 9 Mediterranean Partner Countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Malta and Cyprus). MEDINA will look at all aspects of the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean: material heritage, performing arts, popular traditions, food and gastronomic culture, crafts.

Start: 01.12.2002 , End: 30.06.2006

Project Staff
A.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Birgit Pröll

Institute of Bioinformatics