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The aim of the program Core is the design and implementation of a sophisticated hardware/software infrastructure that enables our project partner to gradually extent its business activities in the tourism market segment travel and playing golf according to its strategic plans. The whole system consists of the following modules:

- [] Web-based data entry and administration of specific touristic services (e.g. hotels and package tours) for the suppliers of these services.
- [] Web-based presentation of the whole bulk of different touristic services (search and navigation) and booking transactions.
- [] Web-based administration of the whole system. This module covers typical backoffice-services.
- specification of
- design and implementation of
- specification of

Start: 20.11.2002 , End: 31.03.2004

Project Leader
Mag. Knud Steiner

Project Staff
Ing. Mag. Dr. Thomas Wiesinger
Mag. Dr. Peter Regner
Mag. Dr. Thomas Luckeneder
DI Werner Chladek