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Up to now the flying police-staff of the Austrian ministry of the interior has had to enter the intervention-minutes by means of paper forms. The forms had to be submitted to the central in Meidling, which was the only place where they could be entered into the computer-system. The project integrates the single branches, in order to enable a decentralised recording of flight-data and to distribute branch-specific data directly via network. A main feature is the simple administration of the branches together with safe connections to the central computer system.

Start: 05.05.1999 , End: 30.04.2001

Project Leader
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska

Project Staff
DI Peter Lang (from: 01.09.2000 to: 30.09.2000)
(from: 01.09.2000 to: 30.09.2000)