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Drivers of Global Business Success

Lessons From Emerging Markets
F. Zeynep Bilgin, Ven Sriram and Gerhard A. Wührer

"Pre-publication endorsements'This book, compiled by the international team of experts, is a welcome addition to the emerging markets literature. What differentiates this book from others is that the authors tale a case-based, yet theory-based, research in exploring managerial thought and practices in transition, and offers a state-of-the-art analysis on various stakeholders of the market capitalism in emerging economies around the world. It is a must reading for academics and policymakers in this line of work."

Maasaki Kotabe, The Washburn Chair Professor of International Business and Marketing, Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Many books and articles have been written about globalization and how firms can take advantage of the global markets. Few books have sought to address the practical issues of how firms from emerging markets can become successful in tapping into market potentials of advanced markets. This book combines theories and practices with many real world applications. As such, both academic researchers and practitioners should find this book a valuable resource."

Paul Chao, Professor and Head of Department of Marketing, Eastern Michigan University, U.S.A.


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