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Austrian Management Review - Vol. 6

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Volume 6 of our Austrian Management Review, the journal for the knowledge transfer between theory and practice, is now available in our office and via ...  more of Austrian Management Review - Vol. 6 (Titel)

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Location on Campus:Hochschulfondsgebäude

We are located in "Hochschulfondsgebäude", 2nd Floor. ...  more of Location on Campus (Titel)

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Master Seminar Team Development and Group Dynamics

Upon successful completion of this course, students will possess advanced knowledge of the interaction of forces in teams, be able to contribute to teams, coordinate teams efficiently and in a targeted manner, and to recognize, analyze and resolve conflicts in teams. They will be familiar with group dynamics processes and roles in teams, and they will have gained experience with the need for teamwork in connection with leadership. Students will be able to understand topics from the fields of integrated communication, gender and diversity arising in connection with leadership.