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Master Course Corporate Finance

Hon. Prof. Dr. Richard Guserl/Assoz. Eva Wagner

Stud. Ass. Patrick Wawricka
E-Mail: MCFinance(/\t)

2 SS and 6 ECTS

Course Description
This course provides a detailed examination of key theoretical and practical issues in finance. Major topical areas include the measurement of risk and return, cost of capital, equity valuation, capital budgeting, financing decisions, financial forecasting and planning, corporate restructuring and M&A-Management. The objectives of the course are to develop the financial and analytical skills, logical thought processes and information literacy necessary to make and implement strategic corporate financial decisions in a global environment.

Required Text
Financial Management, Theory and Practice by Brigham and Ehrhardt, 13th edition, South-Western, Cengage Learning Publisher

Recommended Text
Vernimmen Pierre, Corporate finance: theory and practice, 4th edition, Wiley, 2014

Class Format
Study of the various topics will be conducted through lectures and case analyses. Business cases will be discussed in class. Students are expected to have read the assigned material before class. Student participation and questions are strongly encouraged.

There will be written a final exam and a written retry exam. Final examination is closed books/notes.