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Bachelor Theses

  • Simon Schuler (2017)
    Charge Exchange of He + Ions on an Al-surface under Oxygen exposure
  • Aleksander Brozyniak (2017)
    Monolayer Deposition of CoPc on Ag(110)
  • Gabriel Undeutsch (2017)
    Electronic stopping cross section of slow H and He Ions in Tantalumoxide
  • Philipp Hofmann (2016)
    Entwicklung und Erprobung eines eingebetteten Spektrometers mittels Raspberry Pi
  • Markus Hirsch (2016)
    Aufbau und Erprobung eines Kompakt-Photometers
  • Markus Gusenbauer (2016)
    Materialien für thermische Elektronenemission
  • Martin Hosner (2016)
    Charge Exchange of He+ on clean and Oxygen exposed Fe surfaces, studied by LEIS
  • Mirjana Keser (2016)
    Konstruktion eines Probenmagazins für die UHV-Apparatur MiniMobis
  • Armin Cosic (2016)
    Charge Exchange of He+ions scattered from a polycrystalline Au-surface
  • Michael Bayer (2015)
    Analysis of Zn coated polymers using Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy
  • Anna Theresa Steiner (2015)
    Measurements of the electron emission of thoriated thungsten and oxide cathodes in vacuum
  • Michaela Hofer (2015)
    Polarisationsabhängigkeit der Photoelektronenemission und der Reflexion von Licht
  • Stefan Gruber (2015)
    Electronic stopping cross section of Tantalum in LEIS
  • Markus Aiglinger (2015)
    Polarisation dependent Differential Reflectance Spectroscopy
  • Jeffrey Schuster (2015)
    Bestimmung des elektronischen Bremsvermögens von SiC für He+ Ionen um das Stoppingmaximum
  • Sebastian Wolfmayr (2015)
    Wachstum von Pentacen auf Cu (110) und Cu(110)-(2x1)O
  • Dorian Ziss (2014)
    Neutralization of He+ ions at compound surfaces
  • Michael Mühlegger (2014)
    The growth of organic molecules on textured TiO2(110) surfaces
  • Barbara Bruckner (2014)
    Reionization in LEIS: experiments and Monte-Carlo-simulations
  • Martin Jachs (2014)
    Growth of Quinacridone on Cu(110) and Cu(110)-(2x1)O surfaces
  • Thomas Lackner (2013)
    Tetraphenylporphorin (H2TPP) growth on Ag(111)
  • Paul Joachim Wagner (2013)
    Analysis of PbS/PbCdS nanocrystals by Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy
  • Christoph Ahamer (2013)
    Resonant charge transfer between He ions and an Indium surface
  • Stefanie Siebeneichler (2012)
    Post-depositional evolution of Rubrene on Mica
  • Robert Zimmerleiter (2012)
    Ag(441) surfaces studied in reciprocal space
  • Michael Györök (2012)
    QAC auf Ag (111)
  • Daniel Huber (2012)
    Analysis of polarization dependent PEEM measurements
  • Thomas Stockinger (2012)
    Control of an Auger Electron Spectrometer (AES)
  • Thomas Lettner (2012)
    Graphene sample preparation and α-sexithiophene growth measurement on graphene: graphene preparation and characterization
  • Wolfgang Eder (2012)
    Graphene sample preparation and α-sexithiophene growth measurement on graphene: α-sexithiophene growth on graphene
  • Philipp Kürnsteiner (2011)
    Matrix effects in charge of He ions at a Ni(111) surface containing oxygen
  • Roland Steinberger (2011)
    Oxidation of Ni(111) investigated by LEIS
  • Stefanie Rund (2010)
    Charge exchange of He+ ions at aluminium surfaces