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Announcing AAATE Conference 2017

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Support for Students

Target Group

Information- and communication-technologies support people with disabilities (blind and partially sighted people, deaf people and those with limited hearing, people with limited mobility), who have problems to operate with conventional media and documents (books, newspaper, handouts) in independent arrangement of their life.

Chance ICT

People with disabilities benefit the computer using assistive technologies

  • Braille-display
  • Screen-enlargement
  • Alternative input devices
  • Special keyboards, etc.

All over the field where computers are used - in almost every area of life - participation and cooperation will be possible in this way.

Integrated Study

A main focus in integration and respectively inclusion of people with disabilities is the participation in socially accepted further education, like academic education. Integriert Studieren is a unique institute in Austria which aims at integrated studies with - as much as possible - the same conditions.

Research, Development and Teaching

Futhermore Integriert Studieren is involved in research, development and teaching. A multiplicity of national and international projects are running.
Integriert Studieren makes an effort to raise the awareness for integration and structure of accessible information systems in different fields of study for an opened living environment.

Offer of services

Student advisory service and preparation

  • support check/consultation
  • orientation and mobility on campus of the university

Monitoring and support

  • preparation of teaching and learning materials (books, scripts, slides)
  • Organisation of exams and exam laptop
  • social inclusion/events
  • student room
  • peer supporter
  • service point
  • At-Lab
  • lecturer mediation
  • sign language
  • speech to text interpreter
  • accessibility check
  • editor for seminar and diploma thesis

Integration in employment life

  • employment information
  • job application training
  • practical training at home and abroad
  • integration in the labour market