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Gravity Controls for Windows [DA, PR, BA]

Gravity Controls is a concept that tries to make the controls of Microsoft Windows ”magnetic”. This means that the cursor is automatically attracted by controls in range, which should increase the accessibility of computers for people that have problems to control the cursor. At the same time Gravity Controls will not only increase the accessibility of standard input devices but also ease the use of alternative input devices like Head- or Eyetrackers. Every shaking of the user has negative effects on the cursor while using those input devices. Above all it is extremely difficult to select small controls. Therefore Gravity Controls would significantly increase the accuracy while controlling the cursor with alternative input devices.

A prototype application that implements the concept of “Gravity Controls” was already implemented at the institute. Using the results of the prototype a real application should be created that improves:
• detection of visible control on the desktop
• interaction design( e.g. gravity not active when the user tries to drag a control)
• user interface
• algorithms that calculate the gravitation between cursor and control
The application should be written in C++/C# as low level system hooks are needed to change the mouse behaviour globally. Information about location, visibility and type of a control are retrieved by utilizing Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) or User Interface Automation (UIA).

Knowledge in C++/C#

a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Miesenberger
Dipl. Ing. Peter Heumader