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Automated Accessible Display [BA, PR, DA]


Automated Accessible Display is a game based wizard to identify the optimal display format for people with cognitive disabilities in terms of character size, color scheme (contrast), language complexity and (if needed) used set of symbols.

  • People with cognitive disabilities using a computer (e.g for surfing the web with a modern mobile touch based device) face two main issues hindering them:
  • Not adequate display style (used font/symbol size, colour scheme / contrast -> “typographical” barriers)
  • Not adequate information (used wording, structure / complexity, also resulting from weak reading abilities)

Even applications dedicated to support this target group by offering most diverse settings in the above mentioned dimensions need an “administrator” setting up the user preferences at least once.


Therefore, we need a game like interaction (wizard) to identify autonomously the optimal “choice” selecting out of:

  • 3 different font / symbol sizes
  • 3 different “layout templates” implementing color schemes / contrasts
  • 2 different symbol sets (coloured / black & white)

This wizard identifies the needed user settings on a game based interaction and stores them in a standardized user profile (e.g. XML) that allow (cross platform) applications to adapt their look and feel optimized to the users´ needs and abilities.


Experiences in a modern programming language like C# or Java.

Experience in GUI-Creation

Person to contact

a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Miesenberger