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You find us in the TNF tower 8th floor ...  more of Campusplan (Titel)


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The sun, bringer of world peace | Niyazi Serdar Sarıçiftçi | TEDxLinz ...  more of THE SUN, BRINGER OF WORLD PEACE (Titel)


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Organized by LIOS March 10th to March 17th 2018 ...  more of INTERNATIONAL WINTERSCHOOL FOR BIOELECTRONICS BioEl 2018 (Titel)


International Symposium for the 80th Birthday of Prof. Alan J. Heeger (Nobelprize 2000) 21st of March, 2016 ...  more of ORGANIC ELECTRONICS IN THE 21st CENTURY (Titel)

Solar Energy for World Peace

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Organized by LIOS ...  more of Solar Energy for World Peace (Titel)


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African Network for Solar Energy was launched in Linz on 4 November 2011. ...  more of ANSOLE (Titel)

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Bachelor / Master / Diploma Thesis - Dissertations


WIELEND Dominik (Master Thesis)
Electrochemical capture and release of CO2 using organic pigments

Nikolas HEITZMANN (Bachelor Thesis)
Charge Carrier Transport in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

Marie JAKESOVA (Master Thesis)
Cellular Photostimulation with Hydrogenbonded Organic Semiconductor Microcrystal Interfaces


Stefanie SCHLAGER (Diploma Thesis)
Semiconductor/Electrolyte Interfaces for CO2 Reduction

Stefanie SCHLAGER (Doctoral Thesis)
Biocatalytic and Bio-electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 using Enzymes and Microorganisms

Kathrin EBNER (Master Thesis)
Silicon carbide electrodes for catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide

Kurt ARICANLI (Master Thesis)
Transparent electrochemical transistors derived from polyaniline


Dominik FARKA (Master Thesis)
Spectroscopic investigation of luminescent biomaterials on organic semiconductors

Dominik WIELEND (Bachelor Thesis)
Investigations of Polypyrrole based electrodes towards electrochemical reduction of CO2

Halime COSKUN(Master Thesis)
Biological functionalization of organic semiconductor interface


Lukas BERNHAUSER (Master Thesis)
Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (VASE) on Organic Semiconducting Thin Films

Melanie WEICHSELBAUMER (Diploma Thesis)
Pyridine-functionalized polymeric catalysts for CO2-reduction

Halime COSKUN (Bachelor Thesis)
Mobility characteristics in organic semiconductors - Quinacridone versus Pentacene

Engelbert PORTENKIRCHNER (Doctoral Thesis)
Photoinduced Electron Transfer from Organic Semiconductors onto Redox Mediators for CO2 Reduction

Gottfried AUFISCHER (Bachelor Thesis)
(2,2'-bipyridyl)Re(CO)3Cl functionalized poly (3-hexylthiophene) as Third Generation Conducting Polymer for its Potential Application toward Electro- and Photochemical CO2 Reduction


Mateusz BEDNORZ (Doctoral Thesis)
Infrared photodetectors based on silicon{organic hybrid heterojunctions

Eric GLOWACKI (Doctoral Thesis)
Hydrogen-bonded pigments for organic electronic applications

Daniela HIEMETSBERGER (Bachelor Thesis)
Enzymatic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formate

Annika WAGNER (Bachelor Thesis)
Enzyme Immobilization on Electrodes for CO2 Reduction

Jacek GASIOROWSKI (Doctoral Thesis)
Doping induced effects in organic semiconductors and bulk heterojunctions


Doris SINWEL (Diploma Thesis)
Electrical Characterization of Vertical Organic Transistors

Stefan KRANER (Diploma Thesis)
Measurement of charge carrier mobility and charge carrier concentration of organic photovoltaic diodes under in situ light soaking conditions and varying temperatures

Kerstin OPPELT (Diploma Thesis) – not released
Theoretical research of water chemistry and numerical modeling in the process cooling water cycle of the Corex/Finex melt reduction process

Philipp STADLER (Doctoral Thesis)
Interfacial effects in organic semiconductor heterojunctions

Stefanie SCHLAGER (Diploma Thesis)
Diodes with organic Schottky junctions


Stefan SCHAUR (Diploma Thesis)
Electrochemical doping of organic field-effect transistors to improve contact resistance

Sandra KOGLER (Diploma Thesis)
Charge Modulation Spectroscopy


Martin EGGINGER (Doctoral Thesis)
Electrical Characterisation of Poly(vinyl alcohol) based Organic Field Effect Transistors
Anita FUCHSBAUER (Doctoral Thesis) – not released
Electrochemical Processes for CO2 Recycling


Christopher KOPECNY (Diploma Thesis)
Time resolved FTIR spectroscopy

Robert KOEPPE (Doctoral Thesis)
Advanced Photon Harvesting Techniques for Organic Solar Cells

Pinar FRANK (Diploma Thesis)
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Organic Dielectric/Organic Semiconductor Interface


Serap GUENES (Doctoral Thesis)
Nanostructured Electrodes From Inorganic Materials for Hybrid Solar Cells

Andreas SPIEGEL (Diploma Thesis)
Studies towards a bio - organic - cell - chip interface

Alexander GUSENBAUER (Diploma Thesis)
Photoelectrochemical cells based on photoactive polymers

Philipp STADLER (Diploma Thesis)
Hysteresis in Bio-Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Christoph LUNGENSCHMIED (Doctoral Thesis)
Injektions- und Rekombinationsphänomene in organischen Dünnschichtbauelementen


Anita FUCHSBAUER (Diploma Thesis)
Nanosecond Transient Spectroscopy on Conjugated Polymers

Sandra HOFER (Diploma Thesis)
Synthesis and characterization CulnS2 for hybrid solar cells

Gebhard MATT (Doctoral Thesis) - on request available by the author
Optical spectroscopic characterization of ordered organic semiconductors/conjugated polymers

Martin EGGINGER (Dipolma Thesis)
Zn-Phthalocyanine / C60 Solar Cells

Nenad MARJANOVIC (Doctoral Thesis)
Photoresponsive Organic Field-Effect Transistors using Organic Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Hans-Jürgen PRALL (Diploma Thesis)
Tandem Solar Cells


Christoph LUNGENSCHMIED (Diploma Thesis)
Electroabsorption in organic diodes

Harald HOPPE (Doctoral Thesis)
Nanomorphology-efficiency relationship in organic bulk heterojunction plastic solar cells

Attila MOZER (Doctoral Thesis)
Charge Transport and Recombination in Bulk Heterojunction Plastic Solar Cells

Christoph WINDER (Doctoral Thesis)
To Increase the Photon Harvesting in the Photoactive Layer of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells


David MUEHLBACHER (Diploma Thesis)
Comparative Study of the Electrochemical and the Optical Band Gap of Organic Semiconductors

Markus KOPPE (Diploma Thesis)
Light Emitting Diodes (LED`s) based on Rare Earth Emitters

Antonio CRAVINO (Doctoral Thesis)
Spectroscopic Studies on Novel Donor-Acceptor and Low Band-gap Polymeric Semiconductors

Markus SCHARBER (Doctoral Thesis)
Magnetic resonance studies on conjugated polymers and conjugated polymer fullerene mixtures


Christoph WINDER (Diploma Thesis)
Sensitization of Low Bandgap Polymer Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

Desta GEBEYEHU (Doctoral Thesis)
Realization and Characterization of Organic and Polymeric Solar Cells


Gebhard MATT (Diploma Thesis)
Fullerene-Oligophenyl Multilayers Grown by Hot Wall Epitaxy


Henrik JOHANSSON (Diploma Thesis)
Photoinduced Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy on Conjugated Polymer Films and Blends

Franz PADINGER (Diploma Thesis) - on request available by the author
cw-Photoconductivity of Fullerene + Conjugated + Conventional Polymer Composites: Effect of stretching

Markus SCHARBER (Diploma Thesis)
Time Resolved, Photoinduced Electron Spin Resonance Experiments on Conjugated Polymer/C60 Composites