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Area and Laboratory Equipment

The current office and laboratory space of the institute amounts to about 1.100 m².

Trailer IPMT

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Mechanical Lab

  • 2 universal tension/compression test systems, equipped with temperature/environemntal chambers and contactless displacement measurements systems
  • 3 all-electric-dynamic test systems, equipped with temperature/enviromental chambers and crack detection systems
  • Instrumented impact test system
  • Hardness and penetration test devices (the latter planned)

Thermoanalytical lab

  • 2 Dynamic-mechanical analyzers (DMA) incl. dilatometry und rheometry
  • Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), euqipped with Raman spectrometer
  • Differential thermal analyzer (DTA)
  • Simultaneous thermo-gravimetric analysis (STA=TGA+DTA)
  • Melt flow tester
  • HDT/Vicat Standard instrument

Microscopy lab

  • Optical microscopes
  • 3D-laser-confocal microscope
  • FTIR microscope with ATR unit
  • Raman microscope

Spectroscopy/optical lab

  • UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer incl. Ulbricht sphere
  • FTIR spectrometer incl. ATR unit and Ulbricht sphere
  • Refractometer

Aging lab

  • 22 Temperature chambers
  • 2 Climate chambers
  • Pressure resistant vessels for exposure in fluids
  • Local aging tests facilities for superimposed environmental and mechanical loads

Compounding and specimen preparation lab

  • ZSE 18 Twin Screw Extruder with 3 Gravimetric Feeders
  • Injection moulding machine with ISO tool
  • Tools for neat resins casting
  • CNC-Milling Machine
  • Turning Machine
  • Freezer mill
  • Microwave Muffel Furnace
  • Mini Jet Cleaner (Vaporization)
  • Ultra Sonic Bath
  • Microtome
  • Polishing unit
  • Punching unit