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Our location on the JKU Campus

Campusplan mit Fokus auf Science Park 3

Science Park 3, 5th floor, 0525-1 ...  more of Our location on the JKU Campus (Titel)

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A news clip shows our laboratory

A clip shown at "ORF OÖ Heute" shows Thomas Stelzer visiting our laboratory. Link (at 5'40'')

Another article mentions our CD Laboratory

"Die Presse" mentions our new CD laboratory in another article. Link.

Ausgewählte Kapitel der Signal- und Informationsverarbeitung: Kanalcodierung

Two JKU Projects nominated for the Houska Award

A local newspaper reported that two out of five nominated candidates for the Houska award are from the JKU. One of these candidates is the ISP with the Project Link. PDF.

Another Article about the ISP winning the VDE ITG Award

The magazine "e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik" published an article about the ISP winning the VDE ITG Award. PDF, Link.

CD Laboratory Opening in several Newspapers

10 newspapers reported about the opening ceremony of our CD laboratory on 16.03.2017. Link.

Grand Opening Ceremony of the Christian Doppler Laboratory

We are very proud to announce that the Christian Doppler (CD) laboratory has been officially opened with a great opening ceremony. The CD laboratory is led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer and Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Springer and focusses on future mobile communication transceiver chips. (Link)

Houska Award 2017

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer and Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Melzer

The Houska Award is the largest Austrian price for industry-oriented research and yearly honors outstanding projects. This year the ISP was nominated for the five best among the total 27 contributions in the category “University Research” with the project “Short-Range Leakage Cancelation in FMCW Radar Transceiver MMICs Using an Artificial On-Chip Target” (German title: “Unterdrückung kritischer Signalreflexionen zur Erhöhung der Reichweite von hochintegrierten KFZ-Radar-Abstandssensoren”). The nomination was carried out in a two-step procedure from an advisory board and an expert jury. The award ceremony will take place on May 4, 2017 in Vienna.

Presentation of open Bachelor and Master Theses

We'd like to invite interested students to visit our presentation of open bachelor and master theses on January 26, 2017 at 12:30 (S3 0535). For further informations we refer to this PDF.

Newspaper Article

A local newspaper published an article about Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Melzer and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer winning the VDE ITG award. PDF.

ITG Award of the VDE

The German ITG award of the VDE yearly honors three to four outstanding scientific publications in the field of information technology. This year Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Melzer and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer from the Institute of Signal Processing have been awarded with this renowned price for the contribution

Alexander Melzer, Alexander Onic, Florian Starzer, and Mario Huemer, „Short-Range Leakage Cancelation in FMCW Radar Transceivers Using an Artificial On-Chip Target," In IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol. 9, No. 8, pp. 1650-1660, December 2015.

VDE-ITG Fachgruppentreffen an der JKU

Die Fachgruppe „Algorithmen für die Signalverarbeitung“ von VDE-ITG ist eine Gruppe von Forschern aus Hochschulen, Forschungsinstituten und Industrie in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz zum Thema Signalverarbeitung. Diese Gruppe wurde im Jahr 1986 von Prof. Schüssler und Prof. Mecklenbräuker gegründet. Seitdem tagt die Fachgruppe zweimal im Jahr, abwechselnd an Hochschulen, Forschungsinstituten oder in der Industrie. Bei jedem Treffen ist ein Mitglied der Fachgruppe der Gastgeber und er organisiert das wissenschaftliche Programm, bestehend aus Vorträgen und Demonstrationen aus seiner Organisation. Das Ziel der Fachgruppe ist ein besserer Wissensaustausch zwischen Hochschulen, Forschungsinstituten und Industrie.

Die 62. Sitzung fand am 14.10.2016 an der JKU Linz, organisiert vom Institut für Signalverarbeitung sowie dem Institut für Nachrichtentechnik und Hochfrequenzsysteme, statt. Neben der Vorstellung der JKU Linz und der Institute ansich, wurden technische Vorträge zu Themen aus dem Mobilfunk und der Nachrichtentechnik, sowie der Radartechnik gehalten. Weiters hielt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bin Yang einen Vortrag zu "Deep Learning". (VDE, ITG Fachgruppe)

Johann Puch Automotive Awards 2016

The contribution of Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Melzer and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer entitled „Mitigation of Bumper Reflections for Increased Range and Accuracy in Automotive Radar Systems“ was awarded with the third price of the Johann Puch Automotive Awards 2016, endowed with 2.000€ price money.

"Kinderuni" at the JKU

The "Kinderuni"-event took place at the JKU. One of the wokrshops was organized by the ISP, where it was explained how bats measure the distance to other objects and how this principle is used in modern electronic devices.

Christian Hofbauer received his doctorate degree

Christian Hofbauer successfully finished his dissertation and received the doctorate degree in Klagenfurt.

Austrochip - Call for Papers

Researchers and students are invited to submit a paper to the Austrochip Workshop 2016 in Villach PDF.

Kepler Salon

Mario Huemer gave a talk at the Linzer Kepler Salon!

A short outlook of his talk with the title "Warum benötigt die Fledermaus keinen Notbrems-Assistenten?" can be found here.
The full video of his talk can be found here.


DI Alexander Melzer and DI Andreas Gaich attended the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) in Shanghai, China.

Three newspaper articles about one of our research projects

Three newspapers published articles about a successful project of the ISP in cooperation with GE Healthcare in Zipf, Austria, (Link1), (Link2), (Link3).

A successful project

The ISP successfully completed a project in cooperation with GE Healthcare in Zipf, Austria.

Newspaper article

DI Alexander Melzer was interviewed for an article about his research project (Link).

ISP goes to Hollywood

Members of the ISP were interviewed for a reportage about our research topic Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures for FMCW Radar Transceiver MMICs. The article can be found here.

New staff member

We welcome our new staff member DI Andreas Gaich.

New staff members

We welcome our new staff members BSc Carl Böck and Oliver Ploder.

U.R.S.I. Young Scientist Award

DI Alexander Melzer won the U.R.S.I. Young Scientist Award for his work "Short-Range Leakage Cancelation in FMCW Radar Transceivers Using an Artificial On-Chip Target".


The scientific research team of the ISP held a three-day seminar to discuss research and ISP related Topics.

Good bye

DI (FH) Christian Hofbauer left the ISP after many successful years.

Young Scientists Award

DI Alexander Melzer was nominated for the Young Scientists Award at the U.R.S.I. Kleinheubacher Tagung 2015.

Happy Birthday!

The ISP celebrated its 2nd birthday!

Most popular papers

Two papers with ISP members as autors or co-autors are within the top-ten of the most popular articles in the 'IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics' in July, 2015.

Guest lecture

Wohltemperiert in guter Stimmung - Grundlagen zu Mathematik und Musik von Johannes B. Huber, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Eintritt frei! Um Voranmeldung per Email an michael.lunglmayr(/\t) wird gebeten. (PDF)

Consultation hour

Next consultation hour Dr. Lunglmayr 13th of July, 2015, at 14:45, more dates on request via email.

Ausgewählte Kapitel der Signal- und Informationsverarbeitung: Informationstheorie

The lecture "Ausgewählte Kapitel der Signal- und Informationsverarbeitung: Informationstheorie" begins on 19.06.2015 and will be held by Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber.

Runtastic GmbH

Open positions at Runtastic GmbH (PDF1), (PDF2).

IEEE Signal Processing Society

The student membership for the IEEE Signal Processing Society is free for one year (more information).

Ausgewählte Kapitel der Signal- und Informationsverarbeitung

The term of application for the lecture Ausgewählte Kapitel der Signal- und Informationsverarbeitung has been extended to 30.4.2015.

International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory

Science Slam

Michael Lunglmayr attended the Science Slam competition at the Posthof in Linz. (

New staff members

We welcome our new staff members DI Andreas Gebhard, DI Jovan Markovic and DI Christoph Preissl.

Lakeside Labs

Open position at Lakeside Labs.

Invent a Chip

Florian Bemsel held the student workshop within the Invent a Chip competition.

Vienna Scientific Cluster

Open Ph.D position at the Vienna Scientific Cluster

Architekturen der Digitalen Signalverarbeitung

The ISP offers the new course "Architekturen der Digitalen Signalverarbeitung"

Zeitdiskrete Signale und Systeme

The ISP offers the new course "Zeitdiskrete Signale und Systeme"


Thesis or Internship offer at SKIDATA AG


The scientific research team of the ISP held a three-day seminar to discuss research and ISP related topics.

Happy Birthday!

The ISP celebrated its first birthday.


We welcome our new staff member Dr. Michael Lunglmayr.

Houska-award gala in Vienna

The winners of the annual Houska award were presented in Vienna within a spectacular gala. The Institute of Signal Processing was nominated and rewarded with 10.000 Euro for the project "Efficient and accurate estimation of internal cell parameters in battery management fuel gauge chips", which was a cooperation between the JKU, the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt and Infineon Technologies in Villach.
An introductory video of our project can be seen here.
A recapitulation of the gala can be seen here.

Market launch

Market launch of the battery management chip developed with ISP contribution.


We welcome our new staff member: Alexander Melzer and Florian Bemsel.

Nomination for the Houska award 2014

The Institute of Signal Processing has been nominated for the Houska award 2014 together with Christoph Unterrieder for the project "Efficient and precise estimation of internal battery cell parameters in integrated battery management systems".

Student Paper Contest Awards

Optimale und Adaptive Signalverarbeitungssysteme

The Institute offers the new course "Optimale und Adaptive Signalverarbeitungssysteme"


We welcome our new staff member: Oliver Lang