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Wireless Transceiver Technology

Project staff
DI Andreas Gebhard

Project start

Project description
In Carrier Aggregation (CA) LTE transceivers, self-interference is a tremendous issue caused by the Tx-modulated spurs. In addition, the trend of shirking the chip size limits the isolation between Tx and Rx paths which catalyzes the problem of interference. Though, this problem can be minimized using isolation improvements by RF design and higher isolation of duplex filters, they are extremely inefficient, expensive and have high risk to backfire. Since, the use of digital signal processing in transceivers is explosively growing, interference cancellation using digital signal processing offers quite flexible and configurable solutions. This enables the possibility to apply the active digital interference cancellation techniques in mitigating the SI. Active cancellation is a very powerful weapon highly relaxing RF isolation requirements, reducing development cycles and enabling new band combinations for future User Equipment (UE) (i.e., mobile phone or tablet). The major aim of this work is to model and investigate all the interferences in the receiver chain and to develop all digital cancellation mechanisms that targets the future UEs and standards. Another target of this work is to design a hardware prototype that demonstrates the digital self-interference cancellation schemes. (FoDok)


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