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Acoustic Beamforming using MEMS microphones


Project staff
DI Dr. Eugen Pfann
DI Andreas Gaich

Project start

Project description
Hands-free communication is surrounding us everywhere in life. Common applications are video conferences, hands-free phone systems and hearing aids to name a few. The challenge is to capture and enhance the desired speaker signal being distant from the microphone within a disturbing noise field. These disturbances are background noise, interfering speakers or reverberations in closed environments degrading the target signal quality. Microphone arrays have the ability to separate the target signal from the interferences by using the spatial information of the sound sources, called beamforming.
The focus of this project is to investigate the properties of existing beamforming algorithms when MEMS microphones are used as sound capture devices, as well as developing new algorithms exploiting the benefits of MEMS microphones against conventional electret condenser microphones (ECMs). (FoDok)