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Science Park 3

We are located on the second floor of the Computer Science Building (Science Park 3) ...  more of Location (Titel)

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JKU is an Elite University in Software Engineering Research
We are pleased to announce that the Johannes Kepler University ranks around Top 50 in software engineering research, according to the world-ranking by Microsoft Academic Search ( This ranking puts us among the Top 1-2% of research institutions in the world, reflecting our strong research and publication standing. This ranking demonstrates the outstanding work done here at JKU.

Outstanding Publication Year 2012:

Now it is official: 2012 was an amazing publication year for SEA. As it now stands, we have a long list of accepted papers. The following lists the number of full papers accepted this year where members of SEA contributed (including the acceptance rates):

3 ASE (15% acceptance rate)
1 FSE (18% acceptance rate)
3 WICSA (20% acceptance rate)
2 MoDELS (23% acceptance rate)
2 RE (24% acceptance rate)
2 ICSM (25% acceptance rate)
3 SPLC (28% acceptance rate)
1 ICMT (32% acceptance rate)
1 SSBSE (44% acceptance rate)

Plus we had several short papers accepted as well.

I believe that this year we are very likely one of the most successful software engineering research institutions in the world in terms of publications. This reflects very strongly on the amazing work of the SEA team which I would like to congratulate! After all, these conferences are the best in software engineering.

Best Paper Award

Paper by Raúl Mazo, Roberto E. Lopez-Herrejon, Camille Salinesi, Daniel Diaz, Alexander Egyed on "Constraint Programming Approach for Checking Conformance in Feature Models" received the Best Paper Award at the 35th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), Munich, Germany.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed named IBM Research Faculty Fellow

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed was named the IBM Research Faculty Fellow by IBM Rational Canada - an award that recognizes his contribution to fast and incremental error checking in software models. IBM also awarded him a prestigeous Strategic Research Grant.

Dr. Lopez Herrejon named Marie-Curie Fellow

Dr. Roberto Lopez Herrejon was awarded the prestigious EU Inter-European Fellowship for his work on managing variability in multi-view systems (aka product lines).

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed a Visiting Professor at the University College London

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed was named a visiting professor at the University College London (UCL) to build up a research collaboration between the JKU and UCL. UCL is one of the world leading universities, being consistently rankend among the top 3 unviersities in software engineering.