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Science Park 3

We are located on the second floor of the Computer Science Building (Science Park 3) ...  more of Location (Titel)

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Effects of the project

This work had strong industrial impact in context of two follow-on/industrial transfer project. Furthermore, this work influenced public relations and teaching. These are outlined below.

Did the project have any particular relevance for developments in teaching
The projected had strong relevance to the teaching of software engineering here at JKU. The tool developed under this work was used by students in the teaching environment to help them create consistent models. The method was also useful for grading these student works. Also, the project enabled some of the PhD students to gain significant insights into areas of model-driven engineering and this led to a new course now being offered by Alexander Reder with the same name.

Particular public relations activities for the general public

The PI was featured in several local news broadcasts: both on campus and the general media. These news broadcasts were not specific about this work. However, they reflect the strong reputation of the PI and through association the university.

Did the project have particular relevance for other areas of society (cooperations with industry)
The ACCM (a FFG funded COMET project) provided additional funding to explore the application of this work beyond software engineering onto systems engineering. This project started in 2012 and it was already demonstrated that it is possible to help engineers build systems more effectively in a manner that preserves consistency among systems engineering artifacts. Siemens expressed interest in continuing this work in 2014. Third, the IBM recognized the importance of this work and funded an industrial transfer as part of IBM CAS. The goal of this work is to investigate consistency in context of multi-user engineering.