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2017 - Julia Neuwirth

Two-Photon Excitation STED Microscopy

Research stay at the Bewersdorf Laboratory, and Cell Biology Department, Yale, USA
May 2017 – Oct 2017

Julia Neuwirth
Contact: vorname.nachname1(/\t)

I am currently studying Technical Physics as a master student at the institute of Applied Physics of the JKU under the direction of Prof. Thomas Klar. The topic of my thesis is "Improved STED-microscopy and -lithography using adaptive optics". Part of the research work of my thesis I conducted at the Department of Cell Biology in the Bewersdorf Laboratory at Yale university. There, they have expertise with respect to a novel microscopy technique called "Two-Photon Excitation STED Microscopy".


Abb.1: STED 

Resolution in microscopy, long considered limited to 1/3 of the wavelength, can be overcome by switching off the fluorescence in the outer rim of the excitation beam quickly enough. One possibility to inhibit such a spontaneous emission is to use STimulated Emission to Deplete (STED) the excited state.