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DK Nanocell

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We are taking part in the interdisciplinary graduate college called "Nanocell", with the project "Modelling of conformational transitions of fluorescent labelled proteins". ...  more of DK Nanocell (Titel)

Location Physics-Building

Location Physics-Building

Maps and directions to JKU. ...  more of Location Physics-Building (Titel)

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The PC-Lab of the Theoretical Biophysics group can be used by physics students of the JKU.


Physics-Building (see map to the right), 1st Floor, Room P117 / P118.


All physics students of the JKU can apply for a user account. Please ask Johannes ROSINA (Technician) for details.

You have to accept the terms and condititions ruled out in the "Benutzerformular" (German only) and sign a copy of it.


11 PCs, 1 Scanner, 1 Printer, Server-Infrastructure


Ubuntu Linux with LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) Mathematica, Fortran- and C-Compiler, LaTex-Environment, Editors, Plot-Software, SSH-Clients/Transfer-Software, Firefox Browser, PDF-Viewer, Print Accounting Software
for Tutorials: NAMD, Scientific Software and selected Software for Students on the Linux-Server


Print Credits can be bought from Brigitte Wagner (P211) and can only be used with your user account.

Printing costs as of February 2014:

1 page (single sided or double sided/duplex) costs 0.02 Euros

The minimum amount to be loaded on your user account is 2 Euros (100 Pages).