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Workshop: Optical response and dynamical structure factor in low-dimensional non-ideal plasmas


International Workshop, 17.05. - 19.05.

Prof. Reinholz invites to a workshop about "Optical response and dynamical structure factor in low-dimensional non-ideal plasmas":

Wednesday, 18.05. (Room: MT 124)

15:30 E. Krotscheck, Real space algorithms for solving Schrödinger & Kohn-Sham equations
16:15 M. Liebrecht, Linear density-density response using DFT results of metal clusters
17:00 P.-G. Reinhard, Analyzing the landscape of resonance modes in metal clusters
17:45 T. Raitza, Spatially resolved excitation modes in warm dense matter clusters
18:30 I. Morozov, Molecular dynamics simulations of non-equilibrium non-ideal plasmas including ionized clusters

Thursday, 19.05.

14:45 S. A. Chin, Path Integral Monte Carlo, the sign problem and quantum dots
14:30 G. Röpke, Collective excitations in nuclear clusters
15:15 H. Reinholz, Dynamical collision frequency in bulk and clusters
Room: P 008, Physics Colloquium:
17:15 E. Suraud, Clusters and molecules in extreme light