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sandfish lizard (scincus scincus)

Adaptation to life in aeolian sand: how the sandfish lizard, Scincus scincus, prevents sand particles from entering its lungs ...  more of PUBLICATION (Titel)


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DI Gerda Buchberger B.Sc. (in the front), research assistant at the Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics ...  more of INTERNATIONAL BIONIC AWARD 2016 (Titel)


You want to work in a team of two or three students? You like to do research in a self-reliant way? You are interested in getting to know and using high grade equipment? Take the opportunity and JOIN OUR PRACTICAL COURSES in BIOMIMETICS and MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY in WS 2016/17!! ...  more of PRACTICAL COURSES WS 2016/17 (Titel)

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The scientists at the institute are mainly working in four fields: - Biomimetics - Biological surface characterisation - Development of measurement devices in biology and medicine - Theoretical modelling of biological processes In the biomimetics field the focus is on the examination of biological effects and the development of possible technical applications. Biological surfaces of interest are cell surfaces, especially adhesion proteins, adhesive organs and animals' integuments. Measurement devices of interest are in the fields of microscopy, biomechanics and cell-cell-interaction. Theoretical modelling and analytical as well as numerical descriptions of biological processes are done in the areas of cell-cell-interaction, adhesion, optical properties of biological material and wetting phenomena.