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Dynamic multi-parameter recognition force microscopy/spectroscopy

Development of sensitive modes for multi-parameter-recognition imaging and force spectroscopy. These modes include higher harmonic amplitude detection, frequency modulation, amplitude/phase vector modulation and transverse frequency and amplitude modes. Available parameters for analysis are amplitude, phase and frequency of different oscillation modes (basic, higher harmonics and resonance). These modes will reach better resolution because of their higher sensitivity compared to conventional modes.
Invention, assessment, testing and implementation of higher mode dynamic recognition imaging, frequency modulation recognition imaging, amplitude/phase vector dynamic recognition imaging and transverse dynamic recognition imaging. Assessment, testing and implementation of additional modes for dynamic force spectroscopy to enable multi-parameter-analysis and feedback control (fore, amplitude, phase, frequency). Implementation of programmable response-time profiles and recognition-force vs. life-time measurements. Screening of existing intellectual properties, e.g. patents.