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Business Projects

Statement - Dr. Ernst Balla, Corporate HR, voestalpine

One of the program highlights included company projects carried out in cooperation with internationally active companies in Austria. Partner companies during 2015 included:

- voestalpine
- Greiner
- Fronius
- Rosenbauer
- Rubble Master
- Pöttinger
- Tannpapier

During previous years, company projects were carried out with the following companies:

- Team 7
- Asamer
- Lenzing
- Keba
- Andritz
- Siemens

The ACT program benefits both companies and students. Companies receive detailed, well researched findings and useful insight while students acquire valuable insight into real-world business practices. Students can also make valuable contacts at different companies. The project presentations took place in Linz with company representatives, university professors, and guests from partner universities in attendance.