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Costs (Housing, Flights)

In this section you will find an estimate for costs that may arise during the program (second year of the MGB program). JKU students currently pay no tution fees.





Approx. € 360
Vienna-Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod and return

€ 250/month



Approx. € 250/month for a double-occupancy room
Approx. € 360/month for a single-occupancy room


€ 200
Linz-Bergamo and return

€ 250 - € 350/month

Please note:

In Russia and in Italy, students rent a room in a shared flat. In Austria, we calculate the price based on current rates at the Raabheim dormitory. All three universities will assist students to find appropriate accommodations.

Flights to Nizhny are available from Vienna via Moscow, however you can also fly to Moscow and take a train to Nizhny Novgorod. This would reduce travel costs.

To get to Bergamo there is a relatively inexpensive direct connection on Ryan Air departing from Bratislava.

There are scholarships available at the JKU to help cover most of the travel expenses (flights, trains, etc.). The overall amount spent on travelling, however, depends on individual travel planning and travel preferences.