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Sydow, J./Schüßler, E./Müller-Seitz, G. (2016): Managing Interorganizational Relations: Debates and Cases. Houndsmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

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We are located in the Hochschulfond Building, 2nd Floor, (Administrator's Office HF 215) ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)

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Business Projects

As in the parallel ACT program, a highlight of this graduate degree program includes company projects carried out in cooperation with internationally active companies in Italy and Austria.

Partner companies this year in 2015 included:

Students worked together within multinational teams to focus on creating market entry strategies in Russia and Austria, developing financial tools for the Russian market, and analyzing the prefabricated home market within four countries. The project presentations took place in Bergamo with company representatives, university professors, and guests from partner universities in attendance.

"The Troika program gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in new environments with new people in Russia, Austria and Italy. The experience has been amazing and during these months, I discovered a lot - not only in terms of studies - but also in term of cultures, new places, and new languages. The accumulation of knowledge was put in practice in Austria by taking part in a project in collaboration with KPMG. This provided us with a real case to develop for a multinational company. The project was conducted at high level and KPMG always helped us overcome any problems so that we had a professional outcome we could present in front of KPMG’s partners. While the past months have been very demanding, I still look back at the first day that I started this new adventure and I feel that I have experienced personal growth and have acquired many new skill sets that will not only benefit my career but also my personal life."

Andrea Costa, Italian Student - University of Bergamo