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Troika (Russia - Austria - Italy)

You can apply for this joint Master's degree Global Business program until May 31st, 2016!

The Troika program takes place at the Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, and the University of Bergamo, Italy. The program prepares students to pursue careers in a global environment. Students spend approximately three months in each country and focus on business practices in Russia, Austria, and Italy.

Students in this program not only attend courses in global business, they also strengthen their social, cultural and language skill sets. Students benefit by facing the challenges of spending time abroad and being an active part of a culturally diverse class throughout an academic year period.

The program offers students an extraordinary opportunity to better understand the complexities of developments in global business by providing future managers with a critical and truly international perspective that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional national education. In addition, the business projects conducted in cooperation with globally active Italian companies take place within multicultural teams. Students can best prepare for future business activities within a real-world international working environment.

"Even though Italy is currently experiencing a weakening economy, it still remains Austria’s second most important export market behind Germany. Northern Italy in particular is a strong economic driver in the immediate vicinity with close ties to Austria and industry in Upper Austria. From our prespective, the University of Bergamo is the perfect partner for the new Master’s degree program in Global Business. Russia’s size means great potential for many industrial companies in Upper Austria and offers great opportunities as an exciting “emerging market”. Austria continues to be the gateway to markets in Eastern Europe and that means Russia, too.”

Dr. Manfred Asamer, Asamer Holding AG

Program Structure

National Year

During the national year of the program, students study at their home universities. At the JKU, Troika students attend courses in general management and business, research methods, and take English language classes throughout semester one and two of the program. We also strongly recommend that participants begin working their Master's degree thesis during the first year of the program. Students can choose 6 out of 7 management subjects but starting this year, marketing and organization are required in order to be able to apply qualitative and quantitative research methods.

International Year

Each year, approximately 10 students are selected from each university. During the international year of the program, students from all three partner universities will spend three months in Russia, Austria, and Italy, and study together in one class. The program starts in October in Russia, moves on to Austria, and then concludes in Italy in June. Local faculty members from each of the three countries teach the program courses.

During the international year, the joint study program includes courses in international finance, economic and business context, cultural awareness, global governance and advanced management competences, as well as language classes in Russian, Italian or German. Aside from theoretical input, students will also have an opportunity to work at companies on real-world business projects within culturally diverse groups during their stay in Bergamo. This has become one of the highlights of the program.

Successful Completion of the Joint Master's Degree Program

After the joint study period, students return to their home universities to take final examinations and complete a thesis as required by their home university. The student's home university will award the degree. The diploma indicates that the program was offered in cooperation by all three universities. At the JKU, students will be conferred with the title Master of Science (MSc) in Global Business.