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The Institute of Technical Mechanics is located in Science Park 1, 4th floor ...  more of Location (Titel)

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Courses WS 2017/18

Course IdTitleTypeWeekly HoursTeachersRhythm
359047Selected Topics in Computational Methods in Mechanics KV2,00Peter FotiuBlock
359071Selected Topics in Strength of Materials Heat stress problems KV2,00Hans IrschikWeekly
359041Computational Methods in Mechanics PR2,00Helmut HollWeekly
359053Experimental and Numerical Methods in Mechanics PR3,00Helmut HollWeekly
359000Master's Thesis Seminar SE2,00Hans IrschikWeekly
359100Intensive course Mathematics KV2,00Alexander Humer
Markus Schörgenhumer
359049Modern Trends in Engineering Mechanics SE2,00Hans IrschikWeekly
359042Nonlinear Field Theories of Mechanics KV2,00Hans IrschikWeekly
359054Course for PhD students of Technical Mechanics SE3,00Hans IrschikWeekly
359043Rotordynamics VO2,00Helmut HollWeekly
359044Rotordynamics UE1,00Helmut HollWeekly
359001Engineering Mechanics 1 VO3,00Hans Irschik
Johannes Gahleitner
Helmut Holl
Alexander Humer
Astrid Sabine Pechstein
359002Engineering Mechanics 1 UE2,00Alexander HumerWeekly
359003Engineering Mechanics 1 UE2,00Astrid Sabine PechsteinWeekly
359004Engineering Mechanics 1 UE2,00Johannes GahleitnerWeekly
359005Engineering Mechanics 1 UE2,00Johannes GahleitnerWeekly