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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Microscopic and Spectroscopic Material Characterization

Beschreibung: Motivation and aims: Nowadays production industry, coming from sections that are strongly involved in material development and processing, is dependent on effective analytical tools giving access to advanced and reliable characterisation of materials at all intermediate and final product (development) stages. Consequently, the research activities of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Microscopic and Spectroscopic Material Characterisation (CDL-MS-MACH) are dedicated to the development and application of novel, advanced characterisation methods which are even not yet, or not readily available to date, in order to clarify open issues related to the physical and chemical properties of materials, to shed light on the underlying (surface) processes and elucidate specific points with respect to the applied research topics of the industrial partner institutions of CDL-MS-MACH. At the same time, established analytical tools, ranging from transmission electron microscopy over spectroscopic ellipsometry to photoelectron spectroscopy are used in a complementary way to validate the newly developed methods as well as to systematically contribute to a better understanding of the structure and the physical/chemical processes in the materials systems of the industrial partners. Research activities The research work of CDL-MS-MACH are carried out within scientific research tasks dedicated to the development and application of a novel 3D microscope with flexible contrast, and of advanced non-linear optical methods, like depth-resolved second-harmonic generation imaging, sum-frequency spectroscopic imaging and coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering microscopy for the structural and chemical analysis of organic coatings, oxide structures as well as metal and semiconductor surfaces. The scientific research tasks are complemented by industrial research tasks directly dedicated to answer specific open question of the involved industrial partners. Partner structure CDL-MS-MACH is hosted at the Center of Surface and Nanoanalytics (ZONA) of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, with the voestalpine Stahl GmbH ( and EV Group E. Thallner GmbH ( as industrial partners and with the Department of Knowledge-based Mathematical Systems (FLLL) of the JKU ( and the Division for Biomedical Physics ( of the Innsbruck Medical University as scientific partners. The complementary knowhow and expertise of the consortium, as joined in CDL-MS-MACH, in diverse fields like (surface) analytics, advanced mathematical algorithms, optics development and microscopy, steel strip coating and semiconductor processing, will lead to new scientific results regarding measurement technology, in the understanding of physical and chemical (surface) processes and give at the same time valuable input for the development of new and improved coated strip steel products as well as for semiconductor-processing equipment.