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Burgruine Schaunberg

BURGRUINE SCHAUNBURG, we're coming !!!

We are a group of German-as-a-Foreign-Language and exchange students at Johannes Kepler University Linz. The group consists of students from more than 18 countries around the world eg. United States, Congo, Mongolia, Vietnam, Serbia and many other countries.
On Thursday, May 8, 2014, our field trip started with a bus ride to Ottensheim and continued on with a Danube ferry ride to Wilhering.
Shortly afterwards, we arrived at the castle hill near Pupping - and the first smartphones were whiped out to take pictures of the castle ruin.


Passing the big linden tree, whose 600th anniversary provoked great astonishment, we approached the interior courtyard .

Hardly arrived, the first students stormed the dunjon with admirable fast pace!

The ruin was climbed, explored and admired - now we'll have some splendid memories of Burgruine Schaunburg!

Afterwards we strengthened ourselves at the inn Klinglmayr with Austrian specialties.

After a hearty lunch we enjoyed the vastness of the outlook:

We gratefully acknowledge the Raiffeisenbank Eferding and the Kepler funds for financing the travel expenses !
copywrite : Regina Hofstadler - Lienerbrünn / 05.27.2014