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Science Park II, 3rd floor

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Peter Fuchs

 Peter Fuchs

Peter Fuchs (Back to Team Overview)
a. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

S2 0369
Phone: +43 732 2468 6859
office hours: Monday: 10:15-12:00

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Publikationstyp: Aufsatz / Paper in SCI-Expanded-Zeitschrift

Fuchs P.
On modules which force homogeneous maps to be linear, 2000.
Fuchs P.
When do maximal submodules force linearity ?, 1999.
Fuchs P.
A characterisation result for matrix rings, 1991.
Fuchs P., Maxson C.
Centralizer near-rings determined by PID-modules, 1991.
Fuchs P., Maxson C., Pilz G.
On rings for which homogeneous maps are linear, 1991.
Fuchs P.
On function algebras in which every congruence is determined by a filter, 1990.
Fuchs P., Maxson C.
Meromorphic products determining near-fields, 1989.
Fuchs P.
On near-rings in which the constants form an ideal, 1989.
Fuchs P.
On pseudo-finite near-fields which have finite dimension over the center, 1989.
Fuchs P., Maxson C.
Kernels of covered groups with operators, 1988.
Fuchs P., Maxson C.
Near-fields associated with invariant linear $\kappa$-relations, 1988.
Fuchs P., Maxson C., Pettet M., Smith K.
Centralizer near-rings determined by fixed point free automorphism groups, 1987.
Fuchs P., Pilz G.
Ultraproducts and ultralimits of near-rings, 1985.

Publikationstyp: Aufsatz / Paper in sonstiger referierter Fachzeitschrift

Fuchs P., Kaarli K., Maxson C., van der Walt A.
Centralizer near-rings determined by PID-modules, II, 1993.
Fuchs P.
A decoding method for planar near-ring codes, 1991.
Fuchs P., Hofer G., Pilz G.
Codes from planar near-rings, 1990.
Fuchs P.
On the structure of ideals in sandwich near-rings, 1990.
Fuchs P., Maxson C., Smith K.
Centralizer near-rings determined by unions of groups, 1987.

Publikationstyp: Aufsatz / Paper in Tagungsband (referiert)

Fuchs P., Major Z.
Cyclic bend tests for the reliability evaluation of printed circuit boards under dynamic loads, in: "Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale", Number 15, Page(s) 64-73, 2010.
Fuchs P.
On the construction of codes by using composition, 1992.

Publikationstyp: Aufsatz / Paper in Sammelwerk (nicht-referiert)

Fuchs P.
On the ideal structure in ultraproducts of affine near-rings, 1987.

Publikationstyp: Anderer Forschungsbericht / Technischer Bericht

Fuchs P.
The role of filters for describing substructures of transformation near- rings, 1984.

Publikationstyp: Dissertation

Fuchs P.
Ultraproducts of ${\onehalf}$-groups, 1985.