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Stand-alone Projects

Principal Investigator: Paul F.X. Müller
P28352 Embeddings and projections in classical Banach spaces (2015-2018)
P23987 Projections operators in analysis and geometry of classical Banach spaces (2011-2015)
P20166 Rearrangement operators and singular integrals (2007-2011)
P15907 Rearrangement operators on the Haar system (2003-2007)
with Hans Georg Brachtendorf P22549 Wavelet based simulation of electronic circuits (2011-2015)
with Joscha Prochno M 162800 Local Theory of Banach Spaces and Convex Geometry (2014-2015)

Principal Investigator: Markus Passenbrunner
P27723 Convergence properties of orthogonal spline series (2015-2018)

Principal Investigator: Elena Tobisch (Kartaschova)
P30887 Extraordinary regimes of modulation instability (2017-2021)
P24671 Resonance systems with modulation instability (2013-2017)
P22943 Non linear Resonance of water waves (2010-2013)

Principal Investigator: Petro Yudytskiy
P29363 Spectral theory, abelian coverings and Iterations
P25591 Hardy spaces in Kotani-Last and other spectral problems (2014-2016)
P22025 L1 Extremal problem for entire functions and spectral theory (2010-2014)
P20413 Orthogonal polynomials and scattering theory (2007-2011)

Principal Investigator: Eva Kopecká
P23628 Contractions: extensions, isometries, and projections (2011-2014)
P19643 Lipschitz mappings and homoeomorphisms (2007-2010)
P16674 Lipschitz mappings and homoeomorphisms (2004-2007)

Principal Investigator: Franz Peherstorfer (*1950 - † 2009)
P16390 Extremal polynomials (2003-2007)
P12985 Nonlinear dynamical systems and orthogonal polynomials (1998-2002)
P10737 Minimal and orthogonal polynomials I and II (1995-1998)