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Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells

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[2017/Nov/28] Dr. Irene Frischauf and Dr. Rainer Schindl made the cover of Science Signaling with their publication: Calcium regulates many vitally important functions in the body - if the calcium balance is defective, diseases like cancer develop... ...  more of Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells (Titel)

Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie

[2016/Nov/06] Publication in Angewandte Chemie: "Detailed Evidence for an Unparalleled Interaction Mode between Calmodulin and Orai Proteins" ...  more of Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie (Titel)

Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research

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[February 2017] Photo credited to OÖ Nachrichten ...  more of Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research (Titel)

Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains

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[2016/11/16] In cooperation with Prof. Peter Pohl (Institute of Biophysics, JKU), lead CBL researchers DI Andreas Karner and Dr. Johannes Preiner have developed a platform to study membrane proteins. ...  more of Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains (Titel)

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Origin of proton affinity to membrane/water interfaces
Weichselbaum, E., Österbauer, M., Knyazev, D. G., Batishchev, O. G., Akimov, S. A., Nguyen, T., Zhang, C., Knör, G., Agmon, N., Carloni, P., and Pohl, P. Sci. Reports. In press, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-04675-9.

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YidC and SecYEG form a heterotetrameric protein translocation channel
Sachelaru, I., Winter, L., Knyazev, D.G., Vogt, A., Kuttner, R., Ollinger, N., Siligan, C., Pohl, P., and Koch, H.G. 2017. Sci. Reports. 7:101.

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Undulations Drive Domain Registration from the Two Membrane Leaflets
Timur R. Galimzyanov, Peter I. Kuzmin, Peter Pohl and Sergey A. Akimov.
Biophysical Journal 2017. Volume 112, pp. 339-345. January 24 2017.

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Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains
Karner A., Nimmervoll B., Plochberger B., Klotzsch E., Horner A., Knyazev D., Kuttner R., Winkler K., Winter L., Siligan C., Ollinger N., Pohl P., Preiner J. Nature Nanotechnology. 2016 Nov 14. doi: 10.1038/nnano.2016.236. [Epub ahead of print]

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Protons and Hydroxide Ions in Aqueous Systems
Noam Agmon, Huib J. Bakker, R. Kramer Campen, Richard H. Henchman, Peter Pohl, Sylvie Roke, Martin Thämer, and Ali Hassanali
Chem. Rev. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.5b00736, 17 June 2016.

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Voltage-sensitive styryl dyes as singlet oxygen targets on the surface of bilayer lipid membrane
V.S. Sokolov, A.N. Gavrilchik, A.O. Kulagina, I.N. Meshkova, P. Pohl, and Yu.G. Gorbunova
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, Volume 161, August 2016, pp. 162-169.

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Water Determines the Structure and Dynamics of Proteins
Marie-Claire Bellissent-Funel, Ali Hassanali, Martina Havenith, Richard Henchman, Peter Pohl, Fabio Sterpone, David van der Spoel, Yao Xu, and Angel E Garcia¶
Chem. Rev., 17 May 2016.

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The Sodium Glucose Cotransporter SGLT1 is an Extremely Efficient Facilitator of Passive Water Transport
Liudmila Erokhova, Andreas Horner, Nicole Ollinger, Christine Siligan and Peter Pohl
J Biol Chem. 2016 April 29; 291 (18), pp. 9712-20.

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Comment on "Elastic Membrane Deformations Govern Interleaflet Coupling of Lipid-Ordered Domains" Reply
Timur R. Galimzyanov, Rodion J. Molotkovsky, Fredric S. Cohen, Peter Pohl and Sergey A. Akimov
PRL 116, 079802 (2016). Published week ending 19 February 2016

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Elastic deformations of bolalipid membranes
Timur R. Galimzyanov, Peter I. Kuzmin, Peter Pohl and Sergey A. Akimov
Soft Matter, 12, 2357-2364. Published January 2016.

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Elastic Membrane Deformations Govern Interleaflet Coupling of Lipid-Ordered Domains
Timur R. Galimzyanov, Rodion J. Molotkovsky, Marine E. Bozdaganyan, Fredric S. Cohen, Peter Pohl, and Sergey A. Akimov
Physical Review Letters 115, 088101. Published 18 August 2015.

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The mobility of single-file water molecules is governed by the number of H-bonds they may form with channel-lining residues
Andreas Horner, Florian Zocher, Johannes Preiner, Nicole Ollinger, Chistine Siligan, Sergey A. Akimov and Peter Pohl
Sci. Adv. 1, e1400083 (2015).

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High-Speed AFM Images of Thermal Motion Provide Stiffness Map of Interfacial Membrane Protein Moieties
Johannes Preiner, Andreas Horner, Andreas Karner, Nicole Ollinger, Christine Siligan, Peter Pohl, Peter Hinterdorfer.
Nano Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 1, pp: 759-763, Published: January 2015.

Ion Conductivity of the Bacterial Translocation Channel SecYEG Engaged in Translocation
Denis G. Knyazev, Lukas Winter, Benedikt W. Bauer, Christine Siligan, and Peter Pohl
  J. Biol. Chem., 29 August 2014, 289, pp. 24611-24616.

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Real-Time Monitoring of Membrane-Protein Reconstitution by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
Nadin Jahnke, Oxana Krylova, Torben Hoomann, Carolyn Vargas, Sebastian Fiedler, Peter Pohl, and Sandro Keller
Anal. Chem., 2014, 86 (1), pp 920–927, Published 7 January 2014.

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Local Partition Coefficients Govern Solute Permeability of Cholesterol-Containing Membranes
Florian Zocher, David van der Spoel, Peter Pohl and Jochen Hub
Biophys. J., 2013, 105(12):2760-70.

Long and short lipid molecules experience the same interleaflet drag in lipid bilayers
Andreas Horner, Akimov A. Sergey, and Peter Pohl
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 110, 268101, published 24 June 2013.

Filter gate closure inhibits ion but not water transport through potassium channels
Torben Hoomann, Nadin Jahnke, Andreas Horner, Sandro Keller, and Peter Pohl.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 110, 10842-10847

The bacterial translocon SecYEG opens upon ribosome binding
Denis G. Knyazev, Alexander Lents, Eberhard Krause, Nicole Ollinger, Christine Siligan, Daniel Papinski, Lukas Winter, Andreas Horner and Peter Pohl
J. Biol. Chem. 2013, 288:17941-17946.21 June 2013.

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Electrostatically Induced Recruitment of Membrane Peptides into Clusters Requires Ligand Binding at Both Interfaces.
Antonenko YN, Horner A, Pohl P
PLoS ONE 7(12). Published: 21 December 2012.

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Mechanism for targeting the A-kinase anchoring protein AKAP18δ to the membrane
Andreas Horner, Frank Goetz, Robert Tampe, Enno Klussmann, Peter Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 24 October 2012, in press.

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Design of Peptide-Membrane Interactions to Modulate Single-File Water Transport through Modified Gramicidin Channels.
Guillem Portella, Tanja Polupanow, Florian Zocher, Danila A. Boytsov, Peter Pohl, Ulf Diederichsen, Bert L. de Groot
Biophysical Journal, Volume 103, Issue 8, pp. 1698-705. Published: 17 October 2012.

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Water at hydrophobic interfaces delays proton surface-to-bulk transfer and provides a pathway for lateral proton diffusion
Chao Zhang, Denis G. Knyazev, Yana A. Vereshaga, Emiliano Ippoliti, Trung Hai Nguyen, Paolo Carloni, Peter Pohl
Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Sciences, USA, Volume 109, Issue 25, pp. 9744-9749, Published: 19 June 2012.

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Uroplakins do not restrict CO2 transport through the urothelium
Florian Zocher, Mark L. Zeidel, Andreas Missner, Tung-Tien Sun, Ge Zhou, Yi Liao, Max von Bodungen, Warren G. Hill, Susan Meyers, Peter Pohl, John C. Mathai
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 287, Issue 14, pp. 11011-11017. Published: 30 March 2012.

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A consensus segment in the M2 domain of the hP2S7 receptor shows ion channel activity in planar lipid bilayers and in biological membranes
C. Alves Magalhaes de Souza, P. Celso Nogueria Teixeira, R. X. Faria, O. Krylova, P. Pohl and L. Anastacio Alves
Biochimica et Biophysica ACTA-Biomembranes, Volume 1818, Issue 1, pp. 64-71. Published: January 2012.

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Monitoring Single Channel Water Permeability in Polarized Cells
L. Erokhova, A. Horner, P. Kügler, and P. Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 286, Issue 46, pp. 39926-39932. Published: 18 November 2011.

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Protons migrate along interfacial water without significant contributions from jumps between ionizable groups on the membrane surface
A. Springer, V. Hagen, D. A. Cherepanov, Y. N. Antonenko and P. Pohl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, Volume 108, Issue 35, pp. 14461-14466, published 30 August 2011.
A correction was made in Volume108, Issue 44, on page 18185 on 1 November 2011.

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Intrinsic CO2 Permeability of Cell Membranes and Potential Biological Relevance of CO2 Channels
W. F. Boron, V. Endeward, G. Gros, R. Musa-Aziz and P. Pohl
European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp. 1017-1019. Published: 4 April 2011.

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Routes of Epithelial Water Flow: Aquaporins versus Cotransporters
Rustem Mollajew, F. Zocher, A. Horner, B. Wiesner, E. Klussmann, P. Pohl
Biophysical Journal, Volume 99, Issue 11, pp. 3647-3656. Published: 1 December 2010.

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No facilitator required for membrane transport of hydrogen sulfide
John C. Mathai*, Andreas Missner*, Phillipp Kügler, Sapar M. Saparov, Mark L. Zeidel, John K Lee, Peter Pohl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, Volume 106, Issue 39, pp.16633-16638. Published: 29 September 2009.

application/pdfPDF (442KB)

Coupled Diffusion of Peripherally bound Peptides along the Outer and Inner Membrance Leaflets
Andreas Horner, Yuri N. Antenenko and Peter Pohl
Biophysical Journal, Volume 96, Issue 7, pp. 2689-95. Published: 8 April 2009.

application/pdfPDF (449KB)

110 Years of the Meyer-Overton Rule: Predicting membrane permeability of gases and other small compounds
Andreas Missner and Peter Pohl
European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry, Volume10, Issue 9-10, pp. 1405-1414. Published: 13 July 2009.

application/pdfPDF (699KB)

Membrane Transport of Singlet Oxygen Monitored by Dipole Potential Measurements
Valerij S. Sokolov and Peter Pohl
Biophysical Journal, Volume 96, Issue 1, pp. 77-85. Published: 7 January 2009.

application/pdfPDF (164KB)

Microinjection in combination with microfluorimetry to study proton diffusion along phospholipid membranes
Antonenko, Y. N. and P. Pohl
European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp. 865-870. Published: July 2008.

application/pdfPDF (418KB)

Passive transport across bilayer lipid membranes: Overton continues to rule
Andreas Missner, Philipp Kügler, Yuri N. Antonenko and Peter Pohl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Volume 105, Issue 52, pp. E123-E123. Published: 30 December 2008.

application/pdfPDF (98KB)

Cholesterol’s decoupling effect on membrane partitioning and permeability revisited: Is there anything beyond Fick’s law of diffusion?
Andreas Missner, Andreas Horner and Peter Pohl
Biochimica et Biophysica ACTA-Biomembranes, Volume 1778, Issue 10, pp. 2154-2156. Published: October 2008.

application/pdfPDF (220KB)

Carbon dioxide transport through membranes
Andreas Missner, Philipp Kügler, Sapar M. Saparov, Klaus Sommer, John C. Mathai, Mark L. Zeidel and Peter Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 283, Issue 37, pp. 25340-25347. Published: 12 September 2008.

application/pdfPDF (359KB)

Influence of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Induced Changes in Membrane Ion Conductance on the Reversal of Multidrug Resistance
K. Sommer, S. Kaiser, O. O. Krylova, J. Kressler, P. Pohl, and K. Busse
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 51, Issue 14, pp. 4253-4259. Published: 24 July 2008.

application/pdfPDF (238KB)

Invariance of Single-File Water Permeability in Gramacidin-like Peptidic Pores as function of Pore Length
Guillem Portella, Peter Pohl and Bert L de Groot
Biophysical Journal, Volume 92, Issue 11, pp. 3930-7. Published: 1 June 2007.

application/pdfPDF (737KB)

Fast and selective ammonia transport by aquaporin-8
Sapar M. Saparov, Kun Liu, Peter Agre and Peter Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 282, Issue 8, pp. 5296-5301. Published: 23 February 2007.

application/pdfPDF (622KB)

Determining the conductance of the SecY protein translocation channel for small molecules
Sapar M. Saparov, M.D.; Karl Erlandson; Kurt Cannon, Julia Schaletzky; Sol Schulman; Tom A. Rapoport, Ph.D., Peter Pohl
Molecular Cell, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp. 501-509, Published: 25 May 2007.

application/pdfPDF (339KB)

Compartmentalization of cAMP-dependent signaling by phosphodiesterase-4D is involved in the regulation of vasopressin-mediated water reabsorption in renal principal cells
Stefan, E., B. Wiesner, G. S. Bailie, R. Mollajew, V. Henn, D. Lorenz, J. Furkert, K. Santamaria, P. Nedvetsky, C. Hundsrucker, M. Beyermann, E. Krause, P. Pohl, I. Gall, A.N. MacIntyre, S. Bachmann, M.D. Houslay, W. Rosenthal, E. Klussmann
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 199-212. Published: January 2007.

application/pdfPDF (1.6 MB)

Mobility of a One-Dimensional Confined file of Water Molecules as a Function of File Length
Sapar M. Saparov, Jochen R. Pfeifer, Loay Al-Momani, Guillem Portella, Bert L. de Groot, Ulrich Koert and Peter Pohl
Physical Review Letters, Volume 96, Issue 14, Article Number 148101. Published: 14 April 2006.

application/pdfPDF (273KB)

Effect of block architecture on the ability of polyalkylene oxides to overcome multidrug resistance of tumor cells
Pavlov, D. N., N. A. Alexandrova, O. O. Krylova, P. Pohl and N. S. Melik-Nubarov
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp. 259-265. Published: July-August 2006.

application/pdfPDF (3.3 MB)

A New Model of Weak Acid Permeation through Membrane Revisited: Does Overton Still Rule?
Sapar M. Saparov, Yuri N. Antonenko and Peter Pohl
Biophysical Journal, Volume 90, Issue 11, pp. L86-L88. Published: June 2006.

application/pdfPDF (113KB)

A Critical Reassessment of Penetratin Translocation Across Lipid Membranes
Elsa Bárány-Wallje, Sandro Keller, Steffen Serowy, Sebastian
Geibel, Peter Pohl, Michael Bienert, and Margitta Dathe
Biophysical Journal, Volume 89, Issue 4, pp. 2513-2521. Published: October 2005.

application/pdfPDF (283KB)

Proton exclusion by an aquaglyceroprotein: a voltage clamp study
Saparov, S. M., S. P. Tsunoda and P. Pohl
Biology of the Cell, Volume 97, Issue 7, pp. 545-550. Published: July 2005.

application/pdfPDF (164KB)

(Coumarin-4-yl)methyl esters as highly efficient, ultrafast phototriggers for protons and their application to acidifying membrane surfaces
Geissler, D., Y. N. Antonenko, R. Schmidt, S. Keller, O. O. Krylova, B. Wiesner, J. Bendig, P. Pohl and V. Hagen
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Volume 44, Issue 8, pp. 1195-1198. Published: 2005.

application/pdfPDF (135KB)

Combined transport of water and ions through membrane channels
Pohl, P.
Biological Chemistry, Volume 385, Issue 10, pp. 921-926. Published: October 2004.

application/pdfPDF (222KB)

Beyond the diffusion limit: Water flow through the empty bacterial potassium channel
Saparov S. M. and P. Pohl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, Volume 101, Issue 14, pp. 4805-4809. Published: 6 April 2004.

application/pdfPDF (367KB)

Membrane destabilization by ricin
Sun, J., E. E. Pohl, O. O. Krylova, E. Krause, I. I. Agapov, A. G. Tonevitsky and P. Pohl
European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters, Volume 33, Issue 7, pp. 572-579. Published: November 2004.

application/pdfPDF (309KB)

Ionophoric activity of Pluronic block copolymers
Krylova, O. O. and P. Pohl
Biochemistry, Volume 43, Issue 12, pp. 3696-3703. Published: 30 March 2004.

application/pdfPDF (130KB)

Aquaporin-1, Nothing but a Water Channel
Tsunoda, S. P., B. Wiesner, D. Lorenz, W. Rosenthal and P. Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 279, Issue 12, pp. 11364-11367. Published: 19 March 2004.

application/pdfPDF (247KB)

Cyclic AMP is sufficient for triggering the exocytic recruitment of aquaporin-2 in renal epithelial cells
Lorenz, D., A. V. Krylov, V. Hagen, W. Rosenthal, P. Pohl and K. Maric
EMBO Reports, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 88-93. Published: January 2003.

application/pdfPDF (612KB)

Structural proton diffusion along lipid bilayers
Serowy, S., S. M. Saparov, Y. N. Antonenko, W. Kozlovsky, V. Hagen and P. Pohl
Biophysical Journal, Volume 84, Issue 2, pp.1031-1037, Part 1. Published: February 2003.

application/pdfPDF (151KB)

Origin of membrane dipole potential. Impact of fatty acid chains
Peterson, U., Mannock, D. A., Lewis, R. N. A. H., Pohl P., McElhaney, R. N., Pohl, E. E.
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, Volume 117, Issue 1-2, pp. 19-27. Published: August 2002.

application/pdfPDF (228KB)

Water permeation through gramicidin A: Desormylation and the double helix; A molecular dynamics study
de Groot, B. L., D. P. Tieleman, P. Pohl and H. Grubmuller
Biophysical Journal, Volume 82, Issue 6, pp. 2934-2942. Published: June 2002.

application/pdfPDF (1.2 MB)

High selectivity of water channel activity measured by voltage clamp: Analysis of planar lipid bilayers reconstituted with purified AqpZ
Pohl P., S. M. Saparov, M. J. Borgnia and P. Arge
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, Volume 98, Issue 17, pp. 9624-9629. Published: 14 August 2001.

application/pdfPDF (147KB)

Water and ion permeation of aquaporin-1 in planar lipid bilayers: Major differences in structural determinants and stoichiometry
Saparov S. M., D. Kozono, U. Rothe, P. Arge and P. Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 276, Issue 34, pp. 31515-31520. Published: 24 August 2001.

application/pdfPDF (172KB)

Water permeability of asymmetric planar lipid bilayers: Leaflets of different composition offer indepentent and additive resistances to permeation
Krylov A. V., P. Pohl, M. L. Zeidel and W. G. Hill
The Journal of General Physiology, Volume 118, Issue 4, pp. 333-40. Published: October 2001.

application/pdfPDF (91KB)

Die Wirkung von Ultraschall auf das Oberflächenpotential von Membranen
Pohl P., T. I. Rokitskaya and T. Ludvik
Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 39-43. Published: 2001.

Membrane photopotential generation by interfacial differences in the turnover of a photodynamic reation
Sokolov V. S., I. N. Stozhkova, M. Block and P. Pohl
2000, Biophy. J. 79:2121-2131

application/pdfPDF (106KB)

Desformylgramicidin: A model channel with an extremely high water permeability
Saparov S. M., Y. N. Antonenko, R. E. Koeppe and P. Pohl
2000, Biophys. J. 79:2526-2534

application/pdfPDF (146KB)

Photosensitizer binding to lipid bilayers as a precondition for the photoinactivation of membrane channels
Rokitskaya T. I., M. Block, Y. N. Antonenko, E. A. Kotova and P. Pohl
2000, Biophys. J. 78:2572-2580

application/pdfPDF (112KB)

Solvent drag across gramicidin channels demonstrated by mircoelectrodes
P. Pohl and S. M. Saparov
2000, Biophys. J. 78:2426-2434

application/pdfPDF (143KB)

Changes of intrinsic membrane potentials induced by flip-flop of long-chain fatty acids
Pohl E. E., U. Peterson, J. Sun and P. Pohl
2000, Biochemistry 39:1834-1839

application/pdfPDF (98KB)

Ultrasound enhancement of liposome-mediated cell transfection is caused by cavitation effects
Koch S., P. Pohl, U. Cobet and N. G. Rainov
2000, Ultrasound Med. & Biol. 26:897-903

application/pdfPDF (154KB)

Membrane fusion mediated by ricin and viscumin
Pohl P., Y.N.Antonenko, V.Y.Evtodienko, E.E.Pohl, S.M.Saparov, I.I.Agapov, and
A.G.Tonevitsky. 1998
Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1371:11-16

application/pdfPDF (122KB)

The size of the unstirred layer as a function of the solute diffusion coefficient
Pohl,P., S.M.Saparov, and Y.N.Antonenko
1998 Biophys.J. 75:1403-1409

application/pdfPDF (74KB)

Dehydration of model membranes induced by lectins from Ricinus communis and Viscum album
Pohl,P., S.M.Saparov, E.E.Pohl, V.Y.Evtodienko, I.I.Agapov, and A.G.Tonevitsky.
1998 Biophys.J. 75:2868-2876

application/pdfPDF (126KB)

Changes of the membrane potential profile induced by verapamil and propranolol
Pohl,E.E., A.V.Krylov, M.Block, and P.Pohl.
1998 Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1373:170-178

application/pdfPDF (313KB)

Coupling of proton source and sink via H+- migration along the membrane surface as revealed by double patch-clamp experiments
Antonenko,Y.N. and P.Pohl.
1998. FEBS Lett. 429:197-200

application/pdfPDF (304KB)

Permeation of phloretin across bilayer lipid membranes monitored by dipole potential and microelectrode measurements
Pohl,P., T.I.Rokitskaya, E.E.Pohl, and S.M.Saparov.
1997. Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1323:163-172

application/pdfPDF (331KB)

The effect of a transmembrane osmotic flux on the ion concentration distribution in the immediate membrane vicinity measured by microelectrodes
Pohl,P., S.M.Saparov, and Y.N.Antonenko.
1997. Biophys.J. 72:1711-1718

application/pdfPDF (1.3 MB)

The effect of AC voltage on the ionophore-induced steady-state flux across the bilayer lipid membrane
Dzekunov,S.M., Y.N.Antonenko, and P.Pohl.
1997. Membr.Cell Biol 11:529-538

Permeation of ammonia across bilayer lipid membranes studied by ammonium ion selective microelectrodes
Antonenko,Y.N., P.Pohl, and G.A.Denisov
1997. Biophys.J. 72:2187-2195

application/pdfPDF (1.3 MB)

The role of structural domains in RIP II toxin model membrane binding
Agapov,I.I., A.G.Tonevitsky, A.T.Shamshiev, E.E.Pohl, P.Pohl, R.A.Palmer, and M.P.Kirpichnikov.
1997. FEBS Lett. 402:91-93

application/pdfPDF (2.3 MB)

Immunotoxins containing A-chain of mistletoe lectin I are more active than immunotoxins with ricin A-chain
Tonevitsky,A.G., I.I.Agapov, A.T.Shamshiev, D.E.Temyakov, P.Pohl, and M.P.Kirpichnikov
1996. FEBS Lett. 392:166-168

application/pdfPDF (280KB)

Visualization of the reaction layer in the immediate membrane vicinity
Antonenko,Y.N., P.Pohl, and E.H.Rosenfeld.
1996. Arch.Biochem.Biophys 333:225-232.

application/pdfPDF (185KB)

Der Mechanismus reversibler Ultraschallwirkungen auf Transportvorgänge durch Lipidmembranen
Pohl,P. and E.H.Rosenfeld.
1995. Z.Med.Phys. 5:68-72

application/pdfPDF (3.7 MB)

Effects of ultrasound on agglutination and aggregation of human erythrocytes in vitro
Pohl,E.E., E.H.Rosenfeld, P.Pohl, and R.Millner.
1995. Ultrasound Med.& Biol. 21:711-719

application/pdfPDF (951KB)

Steady-state nonmonotonic concentration profiles in the unstirred layers of bilayer lipid membranes
Antonenko,Y.N. and P.Pohl.
1995. Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1235:57-61

application/pdfPDF (543KB)

Effect of ultrasound on the pH profiles in the unstirred layers near planar bilayer lipid membranes measured by microelectrodes
Pohl,P., Y.N.Antonenko, and E.H.Rosenfeld.
1993. Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1152:155-160.

application/pdfPDF (423KB)

Effects of ultrasound on the steady-state transmembrane pH gradient and the permeability of acetic acid through bilayer lipid membranes
Pohl,P., E.H.Rosenfeld, and R.Millner.
1993. Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1145:279-283

application/pdfPDF (439KB)

Weak acid transport across bilayer lipid membrane in the presence of buffers - theoretical and experimental pH profiles in the unstirred layers
Antonenko,Y.N., G.A.Denisov, and P.Pohl.
1993. Biophys.J. 64:1701-1710.

application/pdfPDF (810KB)

Kinetic properties of cationproton exchange: Calcimycin (A23187)-mediated Ca2+/H+ proton exchange on the bilayer lipid membrane
Pohl,P., Y.N.Antonenko, and L.S.Yaguzhinsky.
1990. Biochim.Biophys.Acta 1027:295-300

application/pdfPDF (519KB)


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