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Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells

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[2017/Nov/28] Dr. Irene Frischauf and Dr. Rainer Schindl made the cover of Science Signaling with their publication: Calcium regulates many vitally important functions in the body - if the calcium balance is defective, diseases like cancer develop... ...  more of Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells (Titel)

Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie

[2016/Nov/06] Publication in Angewandte Chemie: "Detailed Evidence for an Unparalleled Interaction Mode between Calmodulin and Orai Proteins" ...  more of Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie (Titel)

Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research

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[February 2017] Photo credited to OÖ Nachrichten ...  more of Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research (Titel)

Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains

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[2016/11/16] In cooperation with Prof. Peter Pohl (Institute of Biophysics, JKU), lead CBL researchers DI Andreas Karner and Dr. Johannes Preiner have developed a platform to study membrane proteins. ...  more of Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains (Titel)

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Local Partition Coefficients Govern Solute Permeability of Cholesterol-Containing Membranes
Florian Zocher, David van der Spoel, Peter Pohl and Jochen Hub
Biophysical Journal, 2013 Dec 17;105(12):2760-70.

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Single-Molecule Analysis of the Recognition Forces Underlying Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Transport
Martina Rangl, A. Ebner, J. Yamada, C. Rankl. R. Tampe, H.J. Gruber, M. Rexach and P. Hinterdorfer
Angewandte Chemie 2013, 125, 10546 –10549.

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The extended transmembrane Orai1 N-terminal (ETON) region combines binding interface and gate for Orai1 activation by STIM1.
Derler I, Plenk P, Fahrner M, Muik M, Jardin I, Schindl R, Gruber HJ, Groschner K, Romanin C.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 13 August 2013, [Epub ahead of print]

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Long and short lipid molecules experience the same interleaflet drag in lipid bilayers
Andreas Horner, Akimov A. Sergey, and Peter Pohl
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 110, 268101, published 24 June 2013.

New evidence for positive selection helps explain the paternal age effect observed in achondroplasia.
Shinde DN, Elmer DP, Calabrese P, Boulanger J, Arnheim N, Tiemann-Boege I.
Hum Mol Genet. 2013 Jun 14. (Epub ahead of print)

Filter gate closure inhibits ion but not water transport through potassium channels
Torben Hoomann, Nadin Jahnke, Andreas Horner, Sandro Keller, and Peter Pohl.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110, 10842-10847.

The bacterial translocon SecYEG opens upon ribosome binding
Denis G. Knyazev, Alexander Lents, Eberhard Krause, Nicole Ollinger, Christine Siligan, Daniel Papinski, Lukas Winter, Andreas Horner and Peter Pohl.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2013, 288:17941-17946.

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Direct association of the reticulon protein RTN1A with the ryanodine receptor 2 in neurons
Kaya, Levent; Meissner, Barbara; Riedl, Maria Christine; Muik, Martin; Schwarzer, Christoph; Ferraguti, Francesco; Sarg, Bettina; Lindner, Herbert; Schweigreiter, Rudiger; Knaus, Hans-Gunther; Romanin, Christoph; Bandtlow, Christine E.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, volume:1833, issue: 6, pp: 1421-33. Published: June 2013

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Store-Independent Orai1/3 Channels Activated by Intracrine LeukotrieneC(4) Role in Neointimal Hyperplasia
Gonzalez-Cobos, Jose C.; Zhang, Xuexin; Zhang, Wei; Ruhle, Brian; Motiani, Rajender K.; Schindl, Rainer; Muik, Martin; Spinelli, Amy M.; Bisaillon, Jonathan M.; Shinde, Arti V.; Fahrner, Marc; Singer, Harold A.; Matrougui, Khalid; Barroso, Margarida; Romanin, Christoph; Trebak, Mohamed.
Circulation Research, volume:112, issue: 7, pp: 1013-U104. Published: 29 March 2013.

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Mapping the Nucleotide Binding Site of Uncoupling Protein 1 Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Zhu, Rong; Rupprecht, Anne; Ebner, Andreas; Haselgruebler, Thomas; Gruber, Hermann J.; Hinterdorfer, Peter; Pohl, Elena E.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume:135, Issue: 9, pp.: 3640-3646. Published: 6 March 2013.

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Targeted Delivery of siRNA into Breast Cancer Cells via Phage Fusion Proteins
Deepa Bedi, James W. Gillespie, Vasily A. Petrenko, Jr., Andreas Ebner, Michael Leitner, Peter Hinterdorfer, and Valery A. Petrenko.
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2013, 10 (2), pp 551–559. February 2013.

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The action of selective CRAC channel blockers is affected by the Orai pore geometry
Derler, Isabella; Schindl, Rainer; Fritsch, Reinhard; Heftberger, P; Riedl, Maria Christine; Begg, M; House, David; Romanin, Christoph.
Cell Calcium, volume: 53, issue: 2, pp: 139-151. Published: February 2013.

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Atomic force microscopy functional imaging on vascular endothelial cells
Chtcheglova, Lilia A; Hinterdorfer, Peter.
Methods in Molecular Biology, volume: 931, pp.: 331-44, 2013.

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Functional AFM imaging of cellular membranes using functionalized tips
Lilia A. Chtcheglova, Peter Hinterdorfer.
Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 950, 2013, pp 359-371, 2013.

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