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Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells

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[2017/Nov/28] Dr. Irene Frischauf and Dr. Rainer Schindl made the cover of Science Signaling with their publication: Calcium regulates many vitally important functions in the body - if the calcium balance is defective, diseases like cancer develop... ...  more of Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells (Titel)

Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie

[2016/Nov/06] Publication in Angewandte Chemie: "Detailed Evidence for an Unparalleled Interaction Mode between Calmodulin and Orai Proteins" ...  more of Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie (Titel)

Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research

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[February 2017] Photo credited to OÖ Nachrichten ...  more of Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research (Titel)

Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains

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[2016/11/16] In cooperation with Prof. Peter Pohl (Institute of Biophysics, JKU), lead CBL researchers DI Andreas Karner and Dr. Johannes Preiner have developed a platform to study membrane proteins. ...  more of Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains (Titel)

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