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  • Bachelor- und Masterarbeitsseminar
    257.051 Seminar for Graduate Students
    257.055 Special Topics in Business Informatics - Theory and Practice
    Thursday, 01.03.2018, 9.00-12.00 am, S3 118
  • Preliminary talk
    Lectures 257201 and 257300
    08.03.2018, 10.15 am, room S3 0134
    Lectures 257051 and 257055
    08.03.2018, 11.00 am, room S3 0134

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Course IdTitleTypeWeekly HoursTeachersRhythm
257051Seminar for Graduate Students SE2,00Christian StaryBlock
257055Special Topics in Business Informatics - Theory and Practice PE6,00Christian StaryWeekly
257057Communications Engineering PS2,00Stefan OpplBlock
257130Communications Engineering (Competence Training) KT2,00Dominik WachholderBlock
257140Applying Communications Engineering SE2,00Georg WeichhartBlock
257200Process and Communication Modeling VL2,00Stefan Oppl
Matthias Neubauer
257210Process- and Communication Modeling UE2,00Dominik WachholderBlock
257211Process- and Communication Modeling UE2,00Stefan Oppl
Matthias Neubauer
257212Process- and Communication Modeling UE2,00Florian KrennBlock
257214Process- and Communication Modeling UE2,00Harald LerchnerBlock
257300Business Engineering & Management PR4,00Christian StaryWeekly
257310Selections in Knowledge Management SE2,00Monika MaroscherBlock
257320Business Engineering & Management VL2,00Athanasia AlexopoulouWeekly
257321Knowledge Management - Concepts and Techniques KS2,00Rainer BornWeekly
257325Advanced Business Engineering & Management KV2,00Christian StaryBlock
257330Applications of Knowledge Management Techniques IK4,00Albert FleischmannBlock
257336Knowledge Management IK2,00Harald LerchnerBlock
257350Business Engineering & Management UE2,00Harald MüllerFortnightly