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Call for Participation and Registration

Registration by June 1st, 2011

For registration please download the registration form (.pdf-file).

  • application/pdfRegistration Form RTL2011 (23KB)
  • Please send the completed and signed form to or fax it to the Institute for Measurement Technology ++43 732 2468 9233 until June 1st, 2011.

    After registration the confirmation of participation and the invoice issued by the Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics GmbH (ACCM) will be sent to you.


    July 11th, 2011 (Scientific Day)

    Industrial researchers:

    € 200,--

    ACCM, OSADL, JKU affiliated:

    € 100,--

    Fulltime students:

    € 50,--

    July 11th, 2011 - July 15th, 2011 (Scientific Day plus Workshop)

    Industrial researchers:

    € 1.250,--

    ACCM, OSADL, JKU affiliated:

    € 650,--

    Fulltime students:

    € 150,--

    All prices excl. 10 % VAT.

    Please provide a proof of claimed status.

    Subject to a minimum attendance of 10 full-paying participants.

    Cancellation Fee

    50 % fee after June 15th, 2011.
    80 % fee after July 1st, 2011.


    The following skills are required to be able to understand the topics which are covered in the workshop part:

    • C programming: writing functions, passing parameters, making a mess with pointers.
    • Basic operating system know-how: fifo scheduling, what is a mutex?
    • UNIX basics: we will not be explaining "ls" or "echo $USER$".
    • Editing files on a UNIX/Linux box: vi, emacs, joe... as long as you can write and save files you should be fine!


    The scientific part will be held in English, while the workshop will be in German.

    Further Information

    Material is provided in electronic form, including slides and manuals (for most of the topics), all tools and software are open-source/free-software and are provided to participants on CD (or USB-stick).