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“Gmunden” is a town in the Upper Austrian “Salzkammergut”. Due to its location in the foothills of the Alps, the municipality of Gmunden is surrounded by numerous mountains. The highest peak is at 1.691 m the “Traunstein”. This is considered to be the backyard mountain of the citizens and is a popular hiking and climbing mountain. The lake “Traunsee” occupies a substantial part of the municipal area

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Villa Toscana and the Toscana Congress
In 1869 the archduke Johann Nepomuk Salvator, the youngest Toscana prince settles in Gmunden and gets in charge with the architectural design of the Toscana Villa. The villa is built between 1870 and 1877 under the order of the great duchess Marie Antoine, mother of Johann Nepomuk. In 1913, after the archduke is declared missing and officially dead, the villa is being sold to Mrs. Margarete Stonborough and remains in the possession of the Stonborough family until 1974. In 1975 the Land Upper Austria (Land Oberösterreich) enters in possession of the villa and begins the construction of a conference center on the Toscana peninsula. In 1982 the Congress houses of Gmunden were opened.

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