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The village of Traunkirchen near Gmunden is situated by the Lake Traunsee and has everything you expect from a pretty village in the Salzkammergut: A nice church, a lake and hills and mountains embracing this chunk of scenery. Yet the vast crowds of tourists concentrate on Gmunden and other hubs of the region. This means that Traunkirchen provides a good opportunity to explore a non-touristy ...well, at least a less touristy Salzkammergut village.

Traunkirchen has been a settlement for a very long time. The oldest archaeological findings date back to Neolithic days, early settlements are also known from the Hallstatt time and Bronze Age. The local mountain Johannesberg has served as a ritual site 3,500 years ago. In the early Middle Ages, a monastic site called "Trunseo" was founded probably near this site. In 909, it became the property of Archbishop Pilgrim I of Salzburg and got Count Aribo as a landlord.

Some bits on Traunkirchen's Monastery
In 1020, the monastery of Traunkirchen was founded by Benedictine nuns from Salzburg to replace the previous site. Despite of the Archbishop of Salzburg being responsible for Traunkirchen, the village became Austrian as early as in the 12th century. Since 1490, it was part of the principality "Österreich ob der Enns". A few rather dull centuries followed, until Traunkirchen was occupied by French-Bavarian troops in the Napoleonic Wars. Since 1918, the village is part of the province of Upper Austria.

In terms of sightseeing, the village in fact offers more than just its general prettiness: The former monastery of Traunkirchen is based on the one from 1020. However, the original building burnt down in 1327 and was rebuilt in the following years. In 1622, the Benedictine nuns left and the monastery was taken over by Jesuites who built a beautiful Baroque church in following another fire in 1632. There is more on the site in the article on the monasteries of Upper Austria. Since the late 18th century and the dissolution of the Jesuites, the buildings serves as a parish church.


The monastery hall in the former Jesuits monastery in Traunkirchen
The monastery, which was built from the 12th to the 17th century, had been restaurated with great care by the perish in the last few years.

Halls and adjoining rooms are available for public events, which correspond with the dignified ambience.

The beautiful monastery hall with the baroque, painted wooden coffered ceiling, its fascinating natural illumination, the good acoustics and the breathtaking view over the lake, and the inner courtyards of the monastery suit perfectly with the simple beauty to your wedding and all events, which need a special ambience.

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