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Study Abroad Opportunities

You may also use the search field and filter by field of studies or by coordinator (in the full text search).

Click on the university name to view additional information (such as the host university's deadlines, prerequisites, fact sheet) and the student reports by former exchange students.

Please note that

  • full text search is not linked to the selection of a country (by selecting a country, ALL respective partner universities will be displayed in the drop-down box)
  • universities will be listed in the university drop-down box only AFTER a country has been selected
  • please use one of the following browser versions in order to A) view the world map and B) locate the JKU's partner universities on it: Internet Explorer 9 or higher (Windows), Firefox 10 or higher (Windows and Mac), Chrome 12 or higher (Windows and Mac) or Safari 4 or higher (Mac)
  • all spots available are shown; not just the remaining ones

SEARCH FIELD for Study Abroad opportunities during the 2017/2018 Academic Year: