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Performance Report 2011-2013

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Performance Report (only available in German) ...  more of Performance Report 2011-2013 (Titel)

Performance Report 2011-2013

Hier den Alternativtext zum Bild eingeben!

Performance Report (only available in German) ...  more of Performance Report 2011-2013 (Titel)

Performance Report 2011-2013

Hier den Alternativtext zum Bild eingeben!

Performance Report (only available in German) ...  more of Performance Report 2011-2013 (Titel)

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About Us

history - team - research - teaching - cooperation


The independent Institute for Management Control and Consulting, in its current form, arose from the department for Management Control of the Institute for Trust, Auditing and Accounting on 1 January 2004.

It is important to note that the special business subject “Management Control” has been taught at the Johannes-Kepler University since winter term of 1989/1990 and therefore has the longest tradition among all other Austrian universities. The head of the former department, and now independent institute, was Univ.-Prof. Ing. Mag. Dr. Harald Stiegler till 30 September 2005. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Birgit Feldbauer-Durstmüller succeeded Univ.-Prof. Stiegler in early October 2005.


The institute’s research focuses on the organization of management control in various forms of corporate structure such as, family businesses, international corporations, and small to medium sized entities (SME). An important field of research is also interdisciplinary research in conjunction with business and ethical aspects, as well as crisis management. Current research projects could be summarized by the following key words:

• management control in family businesses
• management control in international corporations
• management control in small and medium sized companies (SMEs)
• business ethics and management control
• crisis management – financial restructuring – insolvency

For additional information on our research please click here.


In the Bachelor Studies the Institute for Management Control and Consulting offers the courses KS Cost Accounting and KS Budgeting. One requirement for attending KS Budgeting is KS Cost Management that is offered by the Institute of Management Accounting. For many Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business these Courses belong to the Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase.

The Institute for Management Control and Consulting does also offer a minor in the Bachelor Studies. Students in the Studies of Business and Economics, Business Education, Business Informatics and Social Economics can graduate in controlling by taking 10 Hours which are equivalent to 18 ECTS. In the Master Program Finance and Accounting Courses as well as Seminars are offered. Find more detailed information hier.

For Students with research interest in the field of Management Control the Institute provides assistance for Bachelor Thesis and Master Thesis. With assistance of other Departments the Institute of Management Control and Consulting does also offer the opportunity for PhD Students to write Dissertations.

Especially within the Introductory and Orientation Phase we have to inform you, that our courses are held in German language.


A strong, permanent relationship between enterprises is very important for our institute and therefore cooperation exists at many levels, such as:
• internships
• diploma thesis
• on-site inspections and
• practitioner lectures,

each of which has a long-standing tradition for the institute. Furthermore, we are very proud of our permanent cooperation with the Austrian Management Control Club (Controlling Club Austria).

These collaborations enable us to offer a “Fallstudienseminar” (case study course) for students in higher terms where they can put their theoretical knowledge into practical use. The student advantage is clear in that knowledge gained through ground courses can be tested in an ‘actual’ business setting where the student begins to understand the practical us of these theoretical methods and instruments.

If a company requires a student for a specific project, or longer time, praxis-oriented diploma thesis could be an appropriate solution. The institute of management control and consulting emphatically supports any kind of praxis-oriented diploma thesis and welcomes all companies interested in such forms of cooperation.

Students of our institute benefit greatly from this extensive contact with our business partners. Deeper insight into practical business life is offered in the form of excursions (study trips) or workshops. Furthermore, our partners benefit from this cooperation as they are able to present themselves as attractive employers and profit from the knowledge transferred.