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Poster Publications

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

Investigation of multistage propene polymerizations using a single reactor setup, DVSPM 2017 - Vienna, Theresia Hackl


Modification of Ziegler-Natta catalysts for improved comonomer incorporation, DVSPM 2017 - Vienna, Gerold Rittenschober

Effect of different aluminium alkyls on ethylene polymerization, WPPRE 2017 - Vienna, Gerold Rittenschober

Polyolefin material properties, designed for 3D printing applications, WPPRE 2017 - Vienna, Gunnar Spiegel

"Ziegler-Natta Catalyst Alteration during Synthesis", Bluesky 2016 - Sorrento, Paul Aigner

Diffusion-Controlled Staining and Degradation of Organic Coatings,  Eurocorr 2016 - Montpellier/France, Alexandra Eder & Prof. Christian Paulik

Thermally expandable acrylic based core-shell microspheres, POLYMAT 2016 - San Sebastian/Spain, Andreas Kreuzer


"Optimal catalyst and co-catalyst precontacting in industrial ethylene co-polymerization processes", WPPRE 2016 - Hamburg/ Germany.