Graduation Time

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9th, 13th, 16th, 22nd March, 2018: The month of graduation ceremonies First of all, congratulations to ...  mehr zu Graduation Time (Titel)

NMS Eferding

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13th March, 2018: Chemistry-Day in the NMS Eferding On March 13th, our colleagues Patricia, Thomas, Lukas and Sara ...  mehr zu NMS Eferding (Titel)

One of the Best

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7th March 2018: Aktionsgemeinschaft Linz – Vote YourProf In the meantime, the most popular professors of all three faculties were honored ...  mehr zu One of the Best (Titel)

Nature Communications Paper

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27th February 2018: Nature Communications Paper On February 27th, it was finally time - after 7 months of trembling ...  mehr zu Nature Communications Paper (Titel)


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Functional Polyolefin Additives

During the last 60 years the development of synthetic polymers and plastics widely affected our daily life and their world wide production increased nearly exponential from about 1.5 million tons in 1950 to 260 million tons in 2007. The industrial allocation of neat polymers involved the need for stabilization and established a new branch of industry. Almost all technical polymers must be prevented against various degradation processes such as oxidation, thermal-, and UV-decomposition during manufacture and storage of the neat polymer as well as processing and the life-time of the plastic end product. Thus, the development of additives for stabilization and application-oriented modification of the resulting plastics is attended by the beginning of commercial polymer utilization.

The research group’s interest is focused on the synthesis, determination of physico-chemical properties, and user-related testing of novel polyolefin additives that combine the demanded stabilizing effects with recently appeared requirements for immobilization, stabilization of polyolefins against water germicides, and the development of photo-switchable polymers.