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Dear diary entries, 2016

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

8th of November, 2016: To a long and happy marriage
     Already on the 25th of October, Mifail and Abulena, who is currently doing her PhD, got married. Our lab technician Irene was so kind and organized a small get-together in our office rooms so we could collectivly express our best wishes, hand over a small present and jolt our glasses to bride and groom (in absence) ;).
    May you two live happily ever after and enjoy the big wedding festivities to come.


18th of October, 2016: DI, PhD, Mom, MBA,...
    What else to come? Already a while ago Manuela finished her Master in Business Administration. After harvesting her vegetable patches, green houses (and probably some magic), she surprised us with what else she accomplishes in her scarce spare time. We had the joy to try very well flavored homemade delicacies combined with excellent meat and cheese variations. Thank you very much for sharing.


20th of October, 2016: Congratulations to Karin Bauer
    Yesterday on the 19th October Karin Bauer achieved her masters degree in technical chemistry. We shared our congratulations and clinked glasses with sparkling wine after the passed exam. For the subsequent get-together Karin and her family provided home-made snacks for the members of our group. Many thanks again in the name of CTO and all the best for the future to come.


4th of October, 2016: Silence on the sixth floor:
    Nothing bad happened, people kept silent during lunch and enjoyed the freshly smoked bacon Karl und Irene Schütz invited us on for lunch. Next to home made curd- and mashed-potatoe cheese and cabbage salad a selection of "Hofstettner" beer-varieties, covering the "Granitbock", "Bucket" and "Pumpkin" beer as well as Pils and the Granitbeer were served for tasting and drinking.
    Thank you very much to both of them on behalf of the CTO-team for this very nice surprise.


19th of September, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO 2.0: Exit The Room
    Members of CTO rose to the challenge of "exit the room" quests. Two teams tried themselves to master the "bomb" and the "prison".
    One Team succeeded, the other one ran out of time. Anyhow, i was told it was a fun event, worth repeating. Once again it was organized by Andi, who already has plans for the next events. Thank you very much.


25th of August, 2016: Congratulations
   Wolfgang Limberger today finished his Master studies here at the institute for chemical technology of organic materials. He worked on the topic of adsorption and controlled desorption of CO2 on different substrates. We thank you for providing a buffet and beverages on this occasion.
   The whole team of the CTO sincerely congratulates on the achieved degree and wishes you the very best in your job.


9th of August, 2016: Outdoor-cinema
   Lalala lah lala, lalala lah lala, lalala lah lala, lalalalalah lala lalaa, bbll bb bbll bb blb,..
   Yesterday members of the CTO met for a movie night at an private "outdoor cinema" somewhere in the south of Linz to watch a classic Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movie: Watch out,' we're mad (Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel).
   Thank you very much to our hosts and Andi for preparing the "favorite dish" of the two hellhounds: beans 'n bacon.


13th of July, 2016: Maternity leave
    Our secretary Andrea will leave us for a baby pause with next week. Since it's vacation time and many teammembers were still here today, she organized a get-together with Brez'n and cake for everyone. And we had the chance to thank her with a small gift for her to be born baby boy. We honestly hope Andrea joins us again in about two years.
    Thank you for your open ear, hard work and constant support.


28th of April: Time to say good bye
  We sincerely bid farewell to Thomas Höchfurtner, who starts in chemical industry within the next month. Thank you for your time, your input and effort in the high pressure laboratory. We wish you the very best after this nice farewell celebration and good luck with the next challenges arising.
The CTO-team, especially the trained "guinea pigs" T P G.


29th of June, 2016: Einstein-feier:
    Sara and Wolfgang invited us to celebrate their "inofficial admittance" to the CTO-group. Both are doing their master-thesis here at the institute and organized this gathering with food, beverages and delicious dishes. Hopefully we see more of these little, sweet delights - thumbs up. Thank you very much again for your efforts and welcome to the club ;).


21st-24th June, 2016: Spotlight POLYMAT Conference in San Sebastian
   Andreas Kreuzer attended the Spotlight POLYMAT Conference on macromolecular materials, which took place in San Sebastian. This beautiful city, located on the atlantic shore 20 kilometres west of the french border is currently the European Capital of Culture.
   Embedded in this unique scenery and the thermometer hitting 30°C, the high quality of the presentations kept the audience in the Miramar palace, away from the white, sandy beach. Still there was time to enjoy the scenery and to treat oneself to some fine food.


22nd of June, 2016: Sabrina Weigl scoring PhD for Austria
...although not too enthusiastic for the EM-soccer match Austria vs. Iceland, Sabrina Weigl nevertheless won the day and earned her PhD degree*. On this occasion Sabrina, her family, friends and co-workers celebrated well provisioned late into the night. Some followed the game, some didn't.
Anyhow, after years here at JKU full of patents, synthesis and antioxidants her next assignments will be even more versatile. We wish you a colorful life and indomitable success in your job. Stay true to yourself, we will miss you - 3:0 Sabrina.

*(More important than any soccer match: authors comment).


16th of June, 2016: Congratulations to DI Simon Leitner

    After months of work in the basement amongst the teammembers of the highpressure lab, Simon today earned the Masters degree in technical chemistry.
   He spared neither expense nor effort and served lots of delicious food, cake and beverages on the occasion of his passed exam. The CTO-group sincerly congratulates you on your achievement and thanks you for the hospitality. We'll keep you in kind rememberance and wish you the very best in your job.


1st of June, 2016: Happy Birthday, Elena!
    For the last four months Elena Averina, a visiting student from Russia, joined the CTO-Institute. She worked together with Thomas Garoff and Paul Aigner on the synthesis of Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Sadly she finished work with the end of may, but fortunately we all met today and had a small farewell celebration on the occasion of her birthday. We hope you enjoyed your stay here in austria, with us and keep this place and the people in kind keepskae, maybe we even meet again sometime.
    We wish you the very best and happy birthday.
PS.: Thanks for the cake contributions and the organization.


20-22nd May, 2016: WPPRE PhD Studentworkshop, Hamburg
    Next to the very tight official program with many poster sessions, 6 sessions with of presentations of nearly 30 of the 47 participants from 12 countries (including Canada), there was a well planned "socializing" part for the PhD students. Many thanks right at the start to the organizers and especially to the people from Hamburg University for their warm welcome, the flawless organization, their good ideas and the nice people.
     On the first day, after dinner in the "Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht" we got the chance to go for a walk to the river Alster to see the cherryblossom firework, sponsored by the partnercity of Hamburg, Osaka. We walked by the beautiful old town, over the "Jungfernstieg" and the townhall of Hamburg. At the end of the next day, we went for another walk through the flowering park, "Planten un Blomen" and passed through the longest mall in europe. On the other side we saw another beautiful part of Hamburg and ended up in the smaller but excessivly more beautiful mall "Levante". There we had lunch in the "Tschebull", a highly praised, by austrian food tradition influenced restaurant in Hamburg. Later on we learned more about the night life, we visited St. Pauli and let the day fade out int the Irish pub: Thomas Read. For the official end of this intensive workshop we visited the Elbinsel Kaltenhofe, there we participated in different activities, e.g.: quiz, visited the museum and said good-bye after lunch.
    The students were invited for lunch and dinner by different sponsors from industry: Covestro, BASF, CB&I Novolen and Synthomer. The price for the best presentation was sponsored by Wiley, many thanks.
    To sum it up, the format of this workshop is worth participating, it is a nice occasion to get to know industrial partners, chemists and chemical engineers all around the world. One could look forward for the next workshop happening subsequent to the DVSPM 2017.


17th of May: Six points go to...
     ... ahm, wrong event. Well, we didn't score six points but something like sixty more, so rank 7 out of 11. Team: Polymerization Guinea Pigs participated at the ÖH PhD-Quiznight, but the categories weren't in our favor. We fought hard, had an overwelming start, just to be slowed down by categories like: Estimation, The Simpsons, Facts about JKU and many more ..., some other teams surely have had a bit more of luck ;).
    It was, like last year, a fun event with beer and "meat-cheese" (Leberkäse), sponsered by the ÖH-PhD students council. Many thanks to the organisators, we're happy to participate again next year.


4th of May: Happy birthday
    Our secretary Sonja, on the occasion of her near birthday, served up two home-made cakes, both by the way very tasteful. We thank you for the ample dessert and particularily that you visited us on your day-off to celebrate with us.
The whole CTO-institute is glad that you joined the team and congratulates on your special day.


23rd April: Lange Nacht der Forschung:
The team working on the exhibition stands, co-workers and guests enjoyed themselves with home brewed beer after the event far into the night. The beer was provided by our personal brewmaster Andreas Kreuzer, who sadly was tied up elsewhere.
  Thank you for the provisioning - these were some especial flavored beers #14 ;).

3rd of April 2016: Linz Marathon
Meanwhile for the fifteenth time the Linz Marathon took place today. Many friends and colleagues from our and other institutes participated, either as a team for the relay marathon or as individual runners for the quarter-, half- or the full distance.
We cheered for all but we spotted only: Andrea, Simon, Sara(in the picture, representative for all), Vasilis, Christoph, Wolfgang, Philipp, Michael, Sandra, ...
Congratulation to all participants for their efforts and achievements.
PS.: Due to technical issues many photos and unfortunately those with our running colleagues weren't stored =(.


26th of March: Happy Easter
   Spring rises and with it hordes of cute bunnies and sweet chocolate chicken, armored in aluminium foil, carrying the colors of their houses, show up in every region of the realm. So behold those little fellows for one more moment and enjoy them as easter is coming... .
  Have fun looking for your easter nests, since winter is coming on 25th of april.


24th of March: Three made their "official" debut
It is sort of a -forgotten- tradition that students, who start their master thesis at the CTO-institute arrange a small get-together.
Three of our "fresh(wo)men" Patricia, Regina and Simon grouped up and organized this so called "Einstein-feier". They organized three variations of meat cheese with lots of side dishes, beverages and catered for good vibes.
  Thank you, for reminding us of the good old merits.


29. February: Urime Mifail
One of our fellow colleagues, Mifail Berisha, finished his chemical engineering studies here at the chemical departement of organic technology. He marks the finish line of a series of six graduates in the month february. Further more he is one of the very few albanian students who finished a technical degree here at JKU (or even austria), which kind of emphasizes his achievement even more. We, the team of CTO, thank you for the nice catering and cordially congratulate you again.


26. February: Hoch, Höchi, Höchfurtner
Passing the final exam today, DI Thomas Höchfurtner finished his PhD-studies here at the CTO institute. Accompanied by his family and friends, old and young alike, we celebrated this event with good food, appropriate beverage provisioning and cake far into the night. We again sincerely congratulate you to your achievement and are looking forward continuing the cooperation.


25. February 2016: Finally DIin
Today Sabine Raffetzeder got her engineering degree in technical chemistry. Her diploma thesis dealt with modified cellulose based additives for power transformer oil. By reason of the sucessful conclusion of her studies, the members of the institute sincerely congratulate. So long, and thanks for all the fish ;).


22. February 2016: Mazal tov, Ruben
DI Ruben Pinchasov finished his studies here at the CTO-institute with his diploma thesis on: "Synthese von Acrylatpolymeren im (Semi-) kontinuierlichen Verfahren". We celebrated this event with "Brez'n", drinks and cake. The whole team wishes you all the best for the things to come. Congratulations.


12. February 2016, Congratulations Dr. Anders

Franz Anders finished his PhD studies here at the institute for chemical technology of organic materials. The Project partners and as well as the whole team of the CTO sincerely congratulate on the successfully achieved degree.


10. February 2016, Final examination: Theresia Hackl

The CTO institute congratulates Theresia Hackl on her graduate engineer for her diploma thesis: "Mehrstufige Polymerisation von Propylen/Ethylen mit einem Ziegler-Natta Katalysator". We wish her all the best for her future.


Februar 2016, Suprise - surprise

On occasion of the birthday of Mrs Pernsteiner, benevolent elves prepared a small surprise party. We enjoyed ourselves with "Krapfen" (bismarcks) and a small toast to a long lasting and good collaboration. But Mrs Pernsteiner was not the only one being surprised this day. We all got invited on a delicious meal and cake prepared by herself. Thanks again.
The whole CTO-team wishes the best for the next years to come.